Who else can put in a good word for your property if not those who have experienced it for themselves? In many cases, satisfied residents are the number one reason for the growth in your community. Their recommendations and reviews are powerful enough to convince others to go and check your place. Satisfied renters are, of course, a sign of a healthy, safe, and secure environment that many people are looking for. It is thus important to foster a good relationship with your residents and ask them what they think about the place. 

Show That You Care

Property maintenance is one thing, and checking up on your residents from time to time is another. Communication is important to build a good and friendly relationship with people. By striking up a conversation with them occasionally, they will feel more valued and welcome. It will also allow you to listen to their suggestions and address their concerns to improve the community for the better.

Holding community-wide events is also one way to show that you value their happiness. Community events will also allow the residents to warm up to each other and make the neighborhood harmonious. You can also send monthly newsletters to inform them about some policy changes, announce events, and perhaps even greet them with a happy birthday or a welcome if they are new in the place.

Encourage Feedback

Verbal referrals are good but if you want to reach a wider audience, encouraging your renters to express their thoughts through written reviews online is an effective strategy. You can let them post comments on your website or social media accounts where other people can read and see their feedback. Encourage your renters to write about their experiences about certain events and let them share their good experiences online. This is also another way to let them know that you value their opinion and that they are involved in the community.

Increasing resident referrals is something that you should take seriously as a property owner. A well-designed website and an active social media page can work their magic, but personal input from your residents carries a big weight. Occupancy Solutions can help you too! Just contact us and we can come up with the best strategies for increased resident referrals for you.