If you want to foster an organic community feel, you’ll first have to learn how to engage your community. Engagement can be approached in many ways, but some creative or stand-out ways you can use to get your community excited, enthused, and engaging together are:

•     Host a photo contest – Photo contests that showcase your community and what this community is all about gets your residents out, about, talking, and sharing in a fun and memorable way. Photos can include anything in your community, and they can be shared on social media pages or in social media groups where residents are encouraged to vote for their favorites. Prizes can be awarded to the top photographers, and photos can be shared to market your community and its talented residents.

•     Get together for a spring clean-up event – Adopting a local roadway and cleaning up the road during the spring or summer gets your residents out together and enjoying the local broader community. Not only is it a fun and engaging day that makes your residents feel like they’ve made a difference, adopting a roadway can market positively for your community as well.

•     Host a food truck festival – A food truck festival doesn’t just engage the residents of your community, but the residents of the broader local area as well. In the spring, summer, or fall, it connects you with local businesses as residents all come out together to enjoy a great time. When those outside of your community come to visit, they get to get a glimpse of what your community is all about.

•     Organize a community book club – If your community has a community center or communal space, this is the perfect venue to get together for a book club. You can put feelers out on social media, have residents sign up, agree on a book, and agree on a weekly meet date. For each book club meeting, ask residents to bring their favorite snacks or drinks, and sit together enjoying one another’s company over a great book.  Book clubs really encourage friendships within the community and they cost community management teams next to nothing to run.

There is no community feel without engagement. With a few unique ideas, community management teams can better engage their residents to create a real sense of camaraderie. To learn more about engaging your residents, contact us at OccupancySolutions.com.