Human Resource Solutions

Providing Support with Human Resource Solutions, Training & Services

Human Resource Solutions, Training & Services photoFeel confident in your community's staff with our extensive human resources training.

The team at Occupancy Solutions specializes in effective human resources solutions that can keep your company running smoothly. We provide professional consulting services to our clients in several critical areas of human resources. We are passionate about working with our clients and providing the most appropriate HR system or strategy to fit your specific needs.

We Offer a Full Range of Human Resources Services, Including:

Human Resources Audits

  • Evaluate HR Department and Company HR Practices
  • Analyze Policies, Processes, and Procedures
  • Ensure Compliance

Strategic Human Resources

  • Executive Level HR Coaching
  • HR Strategy Development and Planning

Vendor Selection

  • Assist in the selection of HR vendors from initial analysis to final implementation
  • Systems may include: HRIS, Benefits, Payroll, Applicant Tracking System, Talent
  • Management and Performance Tracking


  • Facilitate training in the following areas: Successful Recruitment, Interviewing, Basic Employment Law, Harassment, HR 101 (Basic HR for Managers), New Hire Orientation, and Benefits Orientation.
  • Develop training specifically to your needs

Performance Management

  • Development and Implementation of a New Performance Management System
  • Analyze Current Performance System

Recruitment Strategy

  • Develop Recruitment Process and Procedure Based on Company's Goals
  • Facilitate Recruitment and Hiring Training
  • Develop Effective On-Boarding Process

Employee Handbook Development

  • Analyze Current Handbook and Ensure Employment Law Compliance
  • Develop or Update Employee Handbook

Human Resources Policy and Procedure Development

  • Analyze Current Practices
  • Update Policies and Procedures to Ensure Compliance

Job Descriptions

  • Provide Job Analysis to Create Job Descriptions
  • Review/Update Current Job Descriptions

Compensation Strategies

  • Develop and Implement a Competitive Compensation Policy
  • Analyze Current Compensation Practice for Internal and External Equity
  • Benchmark Current Positions or New Positions

Employee Relations

  • Provide Coaching and Counseling
  • Train Managers on How to Handle Employee Issues
  • Counseling and Corrective Action
  • Terminations
  • Lay-Offs and Severance
  • Unemployment
  • Small Business HR Support
  • Perform HR Investigations including Sexual Harassment Complaints and Ethics Violations

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At the center of every successful business is an excellent human resources department. At Occupancy Solutions, we can help your HR department amount to its full potential with expert training, compensation strategies, employee relations, and so much more. For more information on our services, call us at (800) 865-0948 today.