Community Outreach & Networking

Opportunities for Engagement Through Community Outreach and Networking

Community Outreach and Networking photoCommunity outreach leads to building lasting relationships.

A common misconception is that performing outreach is the same as cold calling. Most people dread cold calling for fear of rejection. Because of this, people often don’t conduct outreach. Occupancy Solutions believes the difference between the two is that outreach is partnership building and cold calling is asking for a sale. When you outreach, you create partnerships that will add value to living at your community and encourage loyalty from your residents.

Occupancy Solutions will work closely with your team, exploring who, why, how, when, and what to do to make outreach efforts effective. Your team will learn how to connect with businesses, organizations, and local agencies, creating partnerships that result in referrals and providing services, programs, and resources for current and future residents. Learn what to say to increase referrals and create value-added programs at your community.

training engagements photoLearn to plan, lead, and follow up on powerful community networking events.

Networking is a type of outreach that people in the property management industry often overlook. Networking allows one to connect with multiple people and groups with minimal effort. Your team will learn a variety of networking techniques and explore what to do before, during, and after the event to make it easier, fun, and useful. Your property managers will learn all the tools to be very successful and productive!

Occupancy Solutions believes that property management coaching throughout outreach and networking plans enhances and improves your team's results. In addition to teaching, creating, and coaching through outreach and networking plans. Occupancy Solutions can perform outreach and networking services representing your community or can team up with your team members to support and enhance their efforts.

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