Property Repositioning

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property reposiotioning photoWe're here to help you and your team with community branding for any multi-family community.

We develop and implement strategic repositioning plans addressing challenges such as occupancy, marketing, image, leasing, resident retention, and other areas of operations that directly influence your net operating income. Most importantly, we focus on team, site-specific, and individualized plans, strategies, and training for your staff so that they understand, support, and are ready to implement your plan.

To best meet the needs of the community and to gain the support of the site team, we hold a two day "Market Repositioning Brainstorming" session with the community site staff. During this brainstorming session, as a team, we analyze and compare how the community competes in the market and identify prospective target resident demographics.

rental marketing property repositioning photoIdentify your community branding with our proven strategy.

This is achieved through numerous interactive exercises. Once this is completed, the repositioning action plan begins to take shape. We identify the best approach to improve the community's image, how to connect with the potential resident, what steps to take to reduce resident turnover and cost-effective techniques and strategies to achieve optimal occupancy while realizing ideal rents. Occupancy Solutions will then assist in the implementation of the Repositioning Action Items, which often includes additional training and coaching as needed depending on the needs of the community's team.

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