Community marketing can be effective and budget friendly at the same time. You want to get the word out about your community, you want to make a good impression on the local region as a whole, but you don’t want to break the bank in doing so. Luckily for community management teams, effective and inexpensive ways to promote your community are out there, it just takes a little outside of the box thinking to get you there. Some of these even engage your residents to build an authentic neighborly feel while marketing for your community at the same time. A few ideas for effective and inexpensive community marketing are:

•     Host an open house or community market – Open houses bring your residents together and they bring in broader local residents as well. You can invite local businesses to set up tables or booths, invite your community members to sell crafts, snacks, or baked goods, and have refreshments on site that all guests can enjoy as they spend the day experiencing what you have to offer.

•     Join up with local businesses – Joining up with local businesses doesn’t have to be an “event only” sort of thing. Networking with local businesses and building these relationships lets you take care of one another when it comes to easy and affordable marketing. You can advertise for these businesses with flyers, brochures, coupons, and advertisements around your community, and in turn they may allow you to leave bulletins, brochures, and other marketing materials in their businesses as well.

•     Incorporate an incentivized referral program – The best marketing tool you have is your own residents. Afterall, they’re a trusted source to their friends and family, and they know your community better than just about anyone else. Incentivized referrals that offer some sort of bonus for successfully referring new community members inspires members of your community to get the word out.

•     Join local social media groups – Local social media groups on platforms like Facebook or Next Door let you connect and engage with the broader local area as a whole. They get to get to know your personality and your brand, and they’ll be organically introduced to the lifestyle you provide.

At we know that great marketing doesn’t have to break your budget. To learn more about affordable marketing strategies for community management teams, contact us today.