Community management teams are looking for prospects that are a great fit for their community, and prospects are looking for communities that are a great fit for them. In order to better meet this need, community managers should get to know just what prospects are looking for in a new community for 2024. The top 5 things prospective residents are looking for this year are:

1.   Location – Location is one of the main characteristics that can make or break a community for a prospective resident. While management teams can’t change the location of their community, they can showcase all of the benefits their location holds. In your marketing, emphasize how close your location is to public transit, local businesses, highways, and amenities and help to convince prospects that your location really does have it all.

2.   Safety – Only a safe home really feels like home. To attract prospects and prove to them that your management team truly cares about their well-being, highlight any safety features you may have around your community. Security cameras, guard patrols, enhanced lighting, and other safety features are a bigger draw than many management teams may think.

3.   Condition of residences – Prospects want to move into a clean, updated, and functional space; they don’t want to sign a lease and inherit a slew of maintenance issues. During your tours, show off the condition of your residences to show prospects they can move right in and feel like home.

4.   Appliances – Prospective residents may not want to lug appliances to their new residence or invest in appliances they may not have room for one day when they leave. If your residences include certain appliances, showcase this in your marketing and during your tours.

5.   Outdoor space – There are few things that bring peace to a community quite like outdoor space. Getting a bit of fresh air is healthy, and these open spaces make it easier for residents to create that community feel with one another. If your community as a park, playground, community garden, or other open spaces, treat this as an amenity worth highlighting.

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