Maybe you have no online reputation, or worse, you’ve inherited a less than positive one. With the majority of prospects taking to the internet to seek out a new community to be a part of, no management team can afford to let an underwhelming online reputation go unchecked. Luckily, there is plenty community management teams can do to remedy or manage an online reputation, and we at are here to help. 4 tips for managing your community’s online reputation are:

  1. Address any negative reviews first – First and foremost, if you’ve inherited a negative online reputation, addressing any negative reviews should come first. Any prospect who searches for your community on a search engine will see these, and wonder if they’ve been addressed, if they’re still relevant, and if your community might be too risky a decision to them.  Addressing these reviews shows that you’re dedicated to not only fixing previous issues within the community, but that you’re dedicated to satisfaction going forward.
  2. Create a cohesive online identity – Trust is a big deal when it comes to your online reputation. Using your branding to create a cohesive online identity creates a more trustworthy and professional presence. Your website, blogs, and social media accounts should make use of your logo, brand image, and brand voice for a cohesive digital personality.
  3. Engage on social media – Playing cleanup isn’t the only thing that goes into managing an online reputation. How you engage with commentors and community members on social media plays a huge role, too. When you have comments on videos or posts, respond and engage with your brand voice. This creates a personality that your audiences can connect with.
  4. Ask for reviews – Unfortunately, a dissatisfied person is 21% more likely to leave a review than a satisfied one. This can be challenging for community management teams looking to build a positive online presence. You can try offering incentives, raffle entries, or other perks to current or previous residents who leave a positive review. Positive engagement shouldn’t be ignored, and engaging with positive reviews matters just as much as engaging with negative ones.

Your online reputation matters in today’s modern world but managing it doesn’t have to be difficult or overwhelming. At, we’re here to help. To learn more about online reputation cleanup or management for communities, contact us today.