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How to Help a New Restaurant Over the 1-Year Mark

Local restaurants play an important role in any community. They don’t just add to the unique character and charm of an area, or provide local jobs. More often than not, restaurant owners tend to be more involved with the community, and give back in whatever way they can, big or small. Also, when local residents dine in or order from these local restaurants, there is a boost in the local tax base, meaning the residents’ tax dollars stay within the local economy. Likewise, local restaurants tend to buy locally as well, pumping more of the profits from their business back into the community than their chain restaurant counterparts, sparking economic development.

But sadly, in these unprecedented times, the food industry has taken a big hit, with a lot of restaurants closing permanently. So now is the best time for community managers such as yourself, to give back and help new local restaurants in your area to get over the 1-year mark. And to get you started, we’ve listed below some ways you can help and show your support.

Organize to support healthcare workers

A great way to help not only local restaurants, but also the hardworking healthcare workers during this pandemic, is by organizing a food donation drive in your community, in partnership with a local restaurant or two. This is a great way to show appreciation for the great and healthy food that local restaurants serve, while providing a way to fuel and support healthcare workers. You may collect monetary donations from your community, or have them directly purchase gift vouchers or meals from local restaurants to be given to the healthcare workers in hospitals in your area. This initiative will help boost sales for your chosen restaurant, and will also show that they and your community care for the wellbeing of the people taking care of everyone’s health.

Hold (socially distanced) outdoor events

You may also hold socially distanced outdoor events for your community, and invite different local restaurants to participate. They can set up little kiosks, or even bring food trucks that will not only bring revenue for their business, but will also help market their business to your community. A small investment in food trucks can definitely help restaurants, as this helps them not only expand their operations, but also foster better relations with local residents by attending different community functions. Today, the food truck industry is worth $2.7 billion, so it’s not surprising that many entrepreneurial Americans are starting their own food trucks. The low initial investment and the high potential for greater profits make it a good strategy for scaling and getting restaurants over their 1-year mark.

Have a dedicated pin board for local restaurants

An easy way to support and promote local restaurants is by utilizing Pinterest, and having a dedicated pin board that shows off the amazing local restaurants in your area. This doesn’t only showcase and help market local restaurants, but also attract prospective residents by seeing the various and mouth-watering cuisines that restaurants in your area offer. Plus, current residents can use the pin board as a resource to discover more restaurants.

Restructure rent

Lastly, for those who have restaurants as tenants, a very accommodating way to help them get over the 1-year mark is by offering to restructure their rent. Since rent payment is one of the biggest challenges for a restaurant during this pandemic, you may opt to offer them a little breathing room by restructuring their rent. This can be through a 90-day referral where they can pay back the money over 18 to 24 months starting next year. This will give restaurants enough breathing room to help them bounce back.



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