Using Pinterest is a great way to get on social media trends with your community, but if you’re new to Pinterest, you may be wondering what you can create pin boards about that will interest your current or prospective residents. We at Occupancy Solutions have a few ideas that can make your foray into Pinterest successful, and the 5 pin board worthy ideas we have for you today are:

  1. Local restaurants and attractions – A pin board dedicated to local restaurants and attractions can help to attract current and potential residents alike. By seeing what there is to do around town, prospective residents may be further drawn to your community and its closeness to all these fun activities, while current residents will love the resource they can use to keep discovering new things around town!
  2. Interior/Exterior design ideas – For current residents, having a pin board with trendy interior and exterior design ideas is a great way to keep them interested and always coming back to your Pinterest page for more. These are ideas they can use to love living in your community even more!
  3. Move in shopping lists – For prospective residents, a pin board dedicated to move-in ready shopping lists can be a big help, and it’s something that’ll be really appreciated. This pin board can outline all of the things they should pick up to be ready for those first few days in their new home, and it can really help to show how much you care.
  4. Local coupons – Like local attractions and restaurants, a pin board dedicated to local coupons, promotions, and deals can also be very appreciated by current and prospective residents. This board can also use money saving tips, and give them a heads-up if they plan to catch a big sale.
  5. Community events – A pin board dedicated just to your community event photos is a stellar idea, and it can really get people talking and engaged on your Pinterest page. On top of this, it shows prospective residents all of the fun being had in your community, which can really be a big draw for them to make a visit!

Your Pinterest page can be a really powerful social media tool for your community, and we at Occupancy Solutions want to teach you how to make the most of it. To learn more about creating the perfect pin boards for your page, simply contact us today!