A staged residence is an impactful tool to use when giving tours around your community. As prospective residents pay you a visit, they’ll be envisioning themselves as a part of what you’ve built, determining if they want to take this direction with their lives or go someplace else. The tour is crucial, and a crucial part of the tour is making it easy for them to see, authentically, how they’d live as part of your community. This is where staged residences come in. 
A staged residence is a vacant space that is set up to look like a ready to live in home. It gives prospective residents a way to tour residences while easily seeing what life would look like while living in them. It will give them ideas of what they could do with it if the space was theirs, how they can arrange their belongings, what their daily routine might look like, and more. When setting up a staged residence, it’s important to keep things neutral, and conservative, but still modern enough that the space doesn’t appear dated. A few tips for staging residences in 2024 are: 

Mixed Metals

Mixed metals in kitchens and bathrooms are a particularly hot trend for 2024, and they really benefit those staging rental residences. You can update the fixtures that need updating, but without having to worry about finding a perfect match. Lighting, faucets, doorknobs, cabinet pulls, and furniture can mix and match to create an on-trend modern canvas.

Don’t Forget Curb Appeal

The first impression doesn’t happen when a prospective resident first walks through the door, it happens when they first see that door. For this reason, paying close attention to curb appeal is important. Make sure the door to your staged residence is freshly painted and updated, take care of the landscaping, and perhaps add a few colorful plants or pieces of décor to go along with the season. They’re envisioning how it will look when they walk through their door every evening, and attractive staging puts a welcoming environment in their minds. 

Focus On Coziness And Function For The Kitchen And Living Room

The kitchen and living room are two of the most important rooms in a staged residence. For 2024, the trend is cozy but functional spaces that do away with the sterile minimalist trends of past years, and really embrace how a clean “lived in” space can feel. Keep your furniture to a minimum to ensure the space isn’t cluttered, but add cozy décor elements like fruit bowls, lamps, mirrors, or unlit candles. 
Your staged residence is your real first impression. To learn more about creating the perfect space to draw your visitors in, contact us at OccupancySolutions.com today.