A run-down room or a room that lacks cleanliness are two points seen most often in less-than-positive hotel reviews. Outdated décor, small spaces, and even location are less important to the average traveler as long as they have a comfortable, clean, and safe place to lay their heads for the night. Keeping up with maintenance and cleanliness should be a top priority to any boutique hotelier, whether they serve thousands of guests every peak season, or they’re a bit more off the beaten path. Clean, safe, and well-maintained rooms are rooms that guests will recommend to friends and family.

Daily Cleaning Schedule

There are some cleaning and maintenance points that should be addressed every single day. Whether a guest has stayed in a room the night before or not, these measures serve to keep rooms clean and well looked after on a day-to-day basis. Your daily cleaning schedule should consist of:

•    Vacuum all carpeted surfaces
•    Mop all hard flooring
•    Dust wood fixtures, tables, and televisions in the rooms
•    Replenish guest amenities if necessary
•    Change sheets if necessary
•    Wet dust mirrors and art in the rooms
•    Clean bathtub, toilet, and sink in rooms
•    Empty trash cans

Keeping up with daily cleanings doesn’t take long, and it makes a huge impact on the continued cleanliness of guest spaces.

Weekly Cleaning Schedule

While you have your daily cleaning points, you will also have weekly cleaning points. These are tasks that don’t need to be performed every day, but they help greatly in sufficient upkeep when performed weekly over time:

•    Clean and check lights and switches. Replace any bulbs that need replacing.
•    Dust walls
•    Dust HVAC vents
•    Damp-dust headboards, dressers, nightstand, and lamps
•    Vacuum upholstery in rooms
•    Dust closet
•    Wet dust the minibar area
•    Check tissue holders
•    Polish mirrors

Choosing a particular day to accomplish specific weekly tasks is a great way to stay on the up and up with upkeep. This keeps your hotel rooms from beginning to look disheveled and run-down, and lets you catch anything that may need replacing before guests see it first.

Keeping your boutique hotel rooms inviting, clean, and comfortable is the most effective way to turn guest visits into good reviews. To learn more about getting the kind of reviews that do the marketing for you, contact us at OccupancySolutions.com today.