Property management companies are responsible for many tasks around apartment complexes. These firms must deal with day-to-day repair and maintenance duties. Plus, they're often in charge of security. However, upkeep and upgrades are the particular subjects we're here to discuss today. It is up to property managers to keep grounds and building looking great.

That boosts curb appeal and gets people to stop in and see what a place has to offer. Then, with any luck, they'll sign on the dotted line and become life-long residents. So, let's look at some ways to boost the curb appeal of your apartment complex. If you aren't currently doing them, consider letting a property management company take the reigns to fill units and keep them that way.

Don't Underestimate Landscaping

Sometimes, property management companies don't stay on top of landscaping. Instead, they allow grass to become ankle to knee high and weeds to take over flowerbeds. Look at that from a current resident's perspective. They won't be all that happy because they'll have to worry about snakes, insects, etc. lurking about.

Meanwhile, what about potential occupants? Most people won't even want to stop and check things out if the landscaping looks out of sorts. Tenants will move out in droves, and nobody new will move in, leaving the apartment complex looking like an abandoned waste land. Hence, take the time to cut the grass, pull weeds, and what not to ensure your place has stellar curb appeal.

Entice With Outdoor Amenities

Another way to boost curb appeal of an apartment complex is by installing outdoor amenities. There are many different types of things that can make your place stand out and pop amongst the rest. However, some top options worth considering include:

  •     BBQ Grills
  •     Playgrounds
  •     Picnic Tables
  •     Swimming Pools

Clean, Clean, And Clean Some More

Property managers must make it a point to keep apartment complex grounds clean. That means trash should be picked up off the ground and disposed of correctly, but that's not all. What about grime on sidewalks or the buildings? A property's curb appeal can plummet when mildew/mold is growing anywhere and everywhere. So, ensure employees break out the power washer and other cleaning tools to keep your apartments attractive.

A Few Final Thoughts

Are you ready to take your apartment property management to the next level? If that's the case, you've come to the right place. Contact Occupancy Solutions to discuss your options today.