Saving is important for today’s boutique hoteliers, but you don’t want those corners cut to hinder the guest experience. There is a fine line a hotelier must walk when it comes to improving their bottom line while also delivering the high-quality experience they promise to their guests. At we want to help today’s independent hoteliers to save where they can while also delivering the kind of experience that keeps their guests coming back. A few ways you can save as you maintain your guest experience are:

•  Go energy efficient – While installing energy efficient HVAC systems and appliances may seem like a big investment it’s one that pays for itself and then some over time. These types of appliances and amenities lower your energy bills quite significantly while also acting as something you can use in your hotel marketing. “Going green” is a huge trend in the travel space and has been for a long time and marketing your energy efficiency can help to draw in those guests who prioritize minimizing their carbon footprint while traveling.

•  Focus on your staff – Adequate training and a positive work environment can help to lower turnover amongst your staff which will also save you money while maintaining a positive guest experience. Happy and knowledgeable staff can make a stay for guests and lower turnover means you won’t need to pay to vet, interview, and train over and over again.

•    Preventative maintenance is important – Rather than waiting until something is broken to fix it, partaking in preventative maintenance can help to save you valuable funds. Preventative maintenance will catch small faults and repairs early, ensuring you won’t need to shell out big bucks for serious repairs instead.

At we want to help hoteliers to provide their guests with memorable and buzz-worthy experiences while still looking after their bottom line in a financially smart way. To learn more about how you can save while providing the sort of guest experience that keeps them coming back contact us at today.