For many hotels throughout the past year, many or most of the travelers that have been booking rooms have been business travelers. While leisure travel has been brought to a standstill by Covid-19 for much of the past year, the show must go on in the business world and hoteliers have been learning more and more about just what today’s business travelers are really looking for.

When the average business traveler arrives at their hotel, they’re tired and they’re really looking for a way to relax, revive, and get ready for the tasks at hand that evening or the following day. When boutique hoteliers learn how to accommodate their needs, they make a lasting positive impression on an important type of traveler.

One thing that today’s modern boutique hoteliers can do to appeal to the business traveler is to offer plenty of space for quick and efficient unpacking. Dressers, closets with quality hangers, and ironing boards or steaming stations are really appreciated. This allows your business travelers to unpack, ready for any important meetings they may need to attend, and keep organized throughout their trip.

Another thing that boutique hoteliers can do is to make the rooms “work-ready” or have rooms that they reserve for business travelers which are maximized for work. High speed internet, work stations, and rooms in quiet areas are ideal for those who plan to spend much of their stay getting the job done. These work-ready rooms may even be equipped with aromatherapy diffusers, extra soft bed linens, and other little amenities that help business travelers to wind down after a long day.

Lastly, traveling is well-known to be dehydrating. After a trip on a plane or a long day on the road, your business travelers are likely to be in need of rehydration whether they realize it or not. Stocking rooms with bottled water upon arrival is an excellent way to look after your business travelers in just the way they need to be looked after. Even better, branding your bottles with personalized labels make an even more impressive presentation.

Keeping your business travelers happy will encourage them to keep coming back again and again. When they come through your doors weary from the road or the skies, they’ll know they’re about to arrive at a place that will keep them cared for throughout their stay. To learn more about maximizing your business travel experience, contact us at today.