Small hotels are thriving as more and more travelers are looking for more unique accommodations for their trips. Independent hotels have also been found to have a much greater overall average daily rate and experienced faster growth compared to the larger branded hotel chains.

Today, we will go over 3 reasons small independent hotels are thriving, so you can get a clear picture of what it takes to improve revenue and decrease vacancy in the hospitality industry.

1. Focuses on the Locality

When a small hotel is more tailored toward their surroundings and the local community, they will grow. They bring the community and culture into how they decorate the hotel and how they carry themselves in the hospitality industry. They also find creative ways to introduce their guests to some of the local vendors in the area, offering much more value on each trip.

2. Offers More Personalized Service

As a small hotel, they can also offer each guest more personalized service compared to the larger chains that have many more guests to take care of at once. This kind of personalization can provide guests with a much better overall experience on their stay and can certainly increase satisfaction ratings.

Many guests actually prefer smaller hotels to larger branded chains for this reason. To help with this, the small hotel also needs to make sure to hire the right people, and those people need to share in this vision and provide the level of service that is expected.

3. Pays More Attention to Detail

Finally, smaller hotels have the time and resources to pay closer attention to even the smallest details. Properties can be individualized and personalized as they see fit because there is no big brand image or guidelines that need to be followed.

Most of the inspiration for a small hotel comes from the local community. They take what is valued in the community and use it to add value to the hotel and offer their guests a more unique experience.

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