Scent is the strongest sense tied to memory. If you want your guests to have lasting memories at your boutique hotel, try catering to all of their five senses. First, they’ll see your beautiful grounds, they’ll walk in the door and hear happy guests, they’ll taste the richness of your local food or coffee, and they’ll feel the softness and the coziness of your rooms – but what are they smelling?

Using scent to set the atmosphere is something that many of the big hotels do successfully and it really makes an impact. It’s an accessible way for boutique hotels to also incorporate an all-encompassing experience, and to ensure they solidify the experience they offer into the minds and hearts of their guests.

Use Calming Scents In Calming Spaces

If your boutique hotel has a spa, lounge, or another “calm” area, aromatherapy can help to really bring about those feelings in a natural way. Diffusers or candles that use lavender, peppermint, thyme, or other soothing scents automatically put guests into a relaxed mood. When bringing aromatherapy into the space, it’s important to focus on all-natural scents for authenticity and general appeal.

Create A Signature Scent With A Local Perfumer Or Artisan

A boutique hotel can also create their own scent, one that is exclusive to the hotel alone and can be used in candles or diffusers all throughout the premises. This is an excellent way to do some “sense branding”, creating a specific sensory experience that is associated with your boutique hotel alone. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to connect with other local businesses, and to showcase what the area has to offer. If the local artisan also creates soaps or other body care products, they could bottle your signature scent to be used in in-room toiletry kits.

Personalized Scents In Room

Personalized scents can also help to set different moods in different rooms. In a honeymoon suite, for instance, scents like rose, vanilla, ginger, or jasmine can help to make the room feel more romantic, while a room often used for business travelers may opt for something relaxing like lavender and mint or energizing like zesty lemon and thyme.

Creating a complete guest experience is one way to impress guests and keep them coming back. To learn more about creating the best experience for your guests, contact us at today.