As trends change in the community management space, management teams need to change along with them if they wish to stay ahead of the curve and on top of their competition. At, we keep our finger on the pulse of the latest trends and changes throughout the industry. Some of the biggest trends we’re seeing for community management teams (and their residents) for the new year are: 
Tech-savvy upgrades – Residences will need to be upgraded every handful of years if community management teams want to keep prospects renewing, touring, and showing interest in being a part of their community. 2024 is all about tech-savvy upgrades. Smart appliances and home tech are helping residences stand out from all the rest and provide a distinct edge for hopeful prospects. A prospect may very well choose your community over another simply due to the modern upgrades you’ve chosen for your residences. These upgrades can be the simple thing that sets you apart; and in the next handful of years, not having such upgrades may well lead to a residence being considered “outdated”. 
AI integration – AI integration seems to be everywhere in 2024, and community management is no exception. Chatbots, for instance, are a simple way to provide simple answers to residents during off-hours. They can “chat in” on your website whenever they have a common question and receive an immediate answer no matter the time of day or night. Another space where we’re seeing the use of AI is in the predictive maintenance space. Certain AI tech programs can let your maintenance team know when it’s time to refresh, service, or repair certain appliances or amenities to keep crucial parts of your community always up and running. 
Enhancement of the resident experience – In 2024 we’re seeing a big focus on the resident experience – hence the popularity of smart upgrades in residences. A positive resident experience does wonders for any community in limiting turnover, resident retention, and positive word of mouth marketing. For the new year, open up your feedback, invest in how you can improve, and make sure resident experience remains a top priority. 
At we aid community management teams to stay a step ahead of their competition, and a highly sought-after destination for local prospects. To learn more about the latest trends for community managers in 2024, contact us at today.