If your community is lacking a clubhouse or community space, could you be missing out? At OccupanySolutions.com, we want to break down some of the benefits of incorporating a clubhouse into your community, and what it can bring to you and your residents.

Amenities attract prospective residents, and community keeps your current residents signing on with you. A clubhouse is one amenity that can be used for a variety of different things, and it’s a versatile space that can really be molded to fit the culture and the atmosphere of your community as a whole. A few specific benefits of investing in a clubhouse or community space are:

1. It’s a socialization area – A community clubhouse can be viewed as something of a “central hub” for your community. It’s where residents can meet, where they can bump into each other, and where they can enjoy the space together as they grow an organic community feel. For touring prospects, a trip to the community clubhouse can give them a fast and very real view of what their lifestyle within your community may look like.

2. It’s the perfect place to host events – If you’ve considered hosting community events like yoga classes, holiday parties, or game nights, the community clubhouse could be your perfect, easy venue. It’s easy to access for all community members, so residents are more likely to participate in your social events.

3. You can make it rentable – A community clubhouse can even include rentable space. This can be another revenue stream for community management teams, and it provides an easy venue for residents to use for their private parties or celebrations. As residents use the space and invite others to their events, you’ll be welcoming potential future prospects to your community as they organically experience what you have to offer.

4. Added security – Your clubhouse may also include security space, particularly if the space is staffed overnight. Security cameras can be observed in the clubhouse, allowing eyes to be on all parts of the community at all times.

When it comes to worthy investments in your community, a clubhouse may be just what you’re looking for to add real value to your property. For more information about incorporating a community clubhouse, contact us at OccupancySolutions.com.