Safety is important to every current resident and every prospect, even if it’s not the first thing they think about when they think about their desired community. Having a secure community is something that gives property management teams assurance that their investment and their people are protected, it lets current residents know that they can truly feel at home while in their residences, and it provides an added benefit to prospects that can make them consider your community over others within your local area. At, we want to break down a few simple tips that can allow you to build a safer neighborhood for everyone:

1. Invest in security cameras throughout the community – Security cameras both deter crime and make crimes easier to resolve should they occur on the property. When potential criminals see security cameras rolling, they’re less likely to commit any acts they may have had in mind knowing that their actions will be immortalized on film. Should a person miss the security cameras and choose to commit a crime on community property, footage is easy to hand over to police to ensure it doesn’t happen again. It leaves property managers feeling protected and residents feeling safer going about their everyday lives.

2. Set a maintenance schedule for all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors – Security doesn’t only mean deterring outside crime. Residents should feel safe and secure within their homes, as they lay in bed at night, and when they leave the neighborhood for the day. Have a strict schedule for all carbon monoxide and smoke detectors and allow your maintenance team to ensure indoor safety measures are taken care of.

3. Keep up with lighting – Like security cameras, lighting is an important crime deterrent within your community. However, this isn’t the only way it keeps your community safe. Effective lighting around your community ensures that any debris, cracks in the sidewalk, or curbs are plainly visible, keeping your residents safe and helping you to avoid liability should an accident or injury occur.

Every family wants to live in a safe neighborhood and investing in a few simple security points can help you to build just that type of community for your residents. For more on improving your community security, contact us at today.