Negative reviews are not something we all want for our small hotel. However, we need to change the way we think about them. Negative reviews can be a good way to learn and make improvements. Here is how to respond to negative reviews of your small hotel.

1. Always Thank the Guest

When responding to negative reviews of your small hotel online, always thank the guest by name. You are thanking them for taking the time out of their day to leave valuable feedback about their experience that you can use to improve. Responding to bad reviews this way is also great for mitigating the negative effects of the bad review.

2. Apologize

When we apologize, it is not necessarily an admission of guilt or any wrongdoing. Instead, we are apologizing that the guest's needs were not met on their visit. We need to express sympathy when responding to this type of negative review and let them know that you understand that their expectations were not met, and you will work on improving guest services in the future.

3. Mention the Changes You Will Make

Another great way to respond to negative reviews is by mentioning the changes you expect to make. It is a great opportunity to avoid any future conflict there may be while inviting the guest to contact you in the future to make the situation right.

Never promise any form of compensation online because this can easily set a precedent, and others will expect it if they leave bad reviews.

4. Evaluate Follow Up

If you still have the contact information for the guest that left the bad review, consider sending them a personal email directly. You can apologize and offer them compensation this way if that is warranted.

When you read the review, you should also think about what the guest is saying and decide if it is a problem you can truly fix, if other guests may have had the same problem, and if it is a problem that can likely be repeated in the future.

When to Respond

Now that you know how to respond, let's quickly cover when to respond to negative reviews. Always respond as quickly as possible because this is the first step in repairing your relationship with the guest.

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