Having a community group on social media is an excellent way to foster an organic community feel, keep in touch with your residents, and remind residents of all the goings on you may have during the month. These groups only work, however, when they’re kept active and engaging. This is your job as a community manager; to engage and create the type of online environment that builds connections.

Engaging your community social media group isn’t difficult, it simply takes dedication to keeping that engagement active and positive. Giveaways and contests are an easy way to engage on social media, including in community groups. Administrators of social media groups are able to view activity stats that aren’t visible to others, which makes it easy to reward active members with monthly goodies or promos. If your goal is to engage more than just the most active members, your giveaway or contest could involve:

  • Photo contests
  • Testimonials for entry to a contest
  • Scavenger hunts around the community
  • Random acts of kindness giveaways

Creating polls and surveys is another engaging way to interact with your community social media group. This requires no investment but time, and it provides useful insight to community management teams on all sorts of different topics. Polls may include excursion or trip ideas, charities to partner with, favorite local restaurants, holiday events, or even what goes into your community garden.

If you want engagement in your social media group, the most important thing to remember is that you must engage, too. If you want to have conversations, don’t be afraid to start them. Not only does this start communication lines, but it shows your care and your investment into the happiness of your community as a whole.

The power of social media in general is found in engagement. At OccupancySolutions.com, we can help community management teams to better engage in a digital world when you contact us.