When you think of the different elements that can help an apartment building or property really thrive, what comes to mind? Chances are you think of things like attracting good tenants, offering stellar amenities, and keeping maintenance as a top priority. But what about communication? If you open the lines of communication to your tenants, you’ll find that you can improve your property in a huge way.

Communication is often a struggle for property managers. Some challenges may be present that you don’t even know about. Maybe messages from tenants aren’t reaching you quickly enough, or perhaps tenants assume that you don’t care about their opinions or ideas. Whatever the problem, it’s important to correct it. Getting input and feedback from your tenants is one of the best ways not only to keep them individually satisfied, but to improve the overall vibe and reputation of your entire property.

Here are a few tips that can make it easier to build better communication at your property.

  • Get Personal – Don’t be a property manager that sits behind a locked door or that barely ever gets seen by their residents. Instead, get personal. Take the time to introduce yourself to residents and return periodically to see how things are going and whether or not they are satisfied.
  • Show Them You Care – A big reason for a communication breakdown is simply that tenants feel their ideas or concerns aren’t heard. When someone comes to you with a request or a problem, address it. Show them you care by actually taking their input into consideration and doing something about it.
  • Make It Anonymous – Sometimes residents may simply be afraid to file a complaint or concern about something. Give them the ability to do it anonymously. A suggestion or complaint box lets you get information without the residents fearing that they may be retaliated against.
  • Go Digital – You can also set up an online social media account for your property. It sounds odd, but the informality of sending a personal message or email via the internet often makes it easier for residents to open up.

These simple steps can make a big impact on your success when it comes to improving communication between yourself and your residents. They’re all worth considering, and can change things for the better very quickly.

Of course, we all wish we had the time and energy to focus on all of the responsibilities of managing a property effectively. That’s why trusting in professional help is important as well. If you need help with building a better apartment building vibe, contact us. We’ll take the hard work off your shoulders and ensure that you get results.