When managing a community, you’re going to be working side by side with residents of different personalities and from all walks of life. As a community manager or management team, this means learning how to effectively communicate with all of those people in a seamless and comfortable fashion. One of the things a community manager or management team can improve upon is their communication skills, and a few tips for doing just that are the following:

  • Simplify And Remember Your Message – Sometimes, fewer words can say a lot more than paragraphs. Keeping your communication concise, simple, and clear allows you to convey your message a lot more effectively. When you have something to say, say it in a way that gets your point across without confusing the person you’re communicating with.
  • Take Time Before Responding – The things we want to respond with first are usually by impulse. It’s usually your emotions or reactions talking, not your mind. Your mind, on the other hand, needs anywhere from a few seconds to a couple of minutes to formulate a proper response. You need to consider what the other party has said, work through your thoughts on the matter, and form ways to communicate those thoughts in a succinct manner. When communicating with others, especially when working on conflict resolution, take a moment before responding and make sure that you’re responding thoughtfully.
  • Listen First And Listen Openly – Listening is a key part of effective communication, and it’s important to listen in order to listen rather than listening in order to speak. All too often, we begin to subconsciously tune out what the other person is saying as we cut off their thoughts to work through our own. When we respond in this manner, we’re not doing so in a way that engages healthy communication. While you’re listening, make sure the other party has your full attention until they’ve completed their thought.
  • Remember Nonverbal Communication – Around 65% of human communication is nonverbal. If you’re not looking at the person you’re communicating with, if you’re distancing yourself from them, or if you’re standing with your arms tightly crossed, you could be sending messages you don’t intend to send. Be mindful of your physical communication while you’re speaking with any resident.

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