With larger hotel chains and vacation rental sites, it can be hard for a smaller boutique hotel to stand out while trying to find its niche. However, as with any business, it is essential that you learn how to thrive and stand out from the competition.

Offer Unique Moments

To stand out from other hotels and larger hotel chains, you should offer guests something memorable that they won't necessarily find elsewhere. For example, offer a unique moment that is Instagrammable. Instagram is an app used by travelers far and wide, and with this platform, they share their experiences while traveling. When you offer the guests an Instagramable moment, they will share your boutique hotel online.

The Value of Originality

Originality is key. This is much easier to accomplish in a smaller boutique hotel than in a larger chain hotel. Boutique hotels have a much smaller space to manage, making it easier to change themes, update the décor, and add more personal touches to the place.

Trained Staff

It is also important to train your staff to understand what it means to provide a positive customer experience that surpasses expectations. If a guest has a problem, make sure you can offer a solution. When you can take care of the guests, even in the most unexpected ways, you create a happier and more memorable experience for them.

Highlight the Local Community

While amenities and design are definitely important, you also want to make sure to take the opportunity to highlight the local community as well. This way, the guests can experience the hotel and the location while learning some history and culture in the process.

Keep Up with Technology

Finally, make sure you are keeping up with technology. Online check-ins, keyless entry, and Smart TVs are just a few ways you can create a more positive guest experience. In addition, more travelers are millennials, and they are very aware of the latest technologies available and often expect these amenities when traveling.

For more tips and tricks on finding the best ways to highlight your boutique hotel and have it stand apart from the competition, contact us today.