You can think of your brand as your community identity. It’s the name of your community, the lifestyle it offers, and the personality it projects. Failing to develop a brand identity for your community may leave you forgettable to prospective tenants and more difficult to market, giving you an uphill battle you’ll constantly need to fight back against. At, we want to break down why creating a brand identity is important and how you can find the perfect identity for your community.

Consumers really look toward consistency whether they’re visiting a community, checking it out online, interacting on social media, or seeing physical marketing materials. This doesn’t just ring true for communities but for the stores they shop in, the cars they purchase, and even the online brands they love. Consistency communicates an established, organized, and trustworthy personality, something that all prospects will look for in the communities they wish to be a part of.

How does a community go about creating a brand? It starts with determining what your personality is, what you offer, and who you’re looking to attract. Do you want to portray an upscale chic vibe for young professionals? What about a cozy family-friendly atmosphere? A relaxing and stress-free environment for seniors? This is where you start in creating your identity. Identify who you wish to be, and how you want to represent this to the public.

Next, identify your target demographic and how you can best reach that audience. How you market your brand identity to retirees may be a bit different from how you market to active young families. You want your logo and your brand image to speak to the very people you want to attract into becoming community prospects.

Once you have the design and the idea of your brand identity, it’s time to create a personality to go along with it. This personality is how you’ll communicate via your website, social media, and your marketing materials. This personality is your voice, and it should remain cohesive and consistent across all marketing platforms. If you’re interacting with prospective community members, you’re doing so in this brand voice.

At we know just how important it is for communities to create identities that prospects can really connect with. To learn more about creating a brand identity for your community, contact us today.