Customer service is a priority for anyone, whether they’re buying a new pair of shoes, looking to lease a vehicle, or finding a new residence to call home. For community management teams in 2020, ensuring that your customer service is on point allows you to make the absolute most of your efforts in phone calls, visits, and marketing. First impressions matter, and we at are excited to show you how you can make a better one and see to it that your customer service accurately represents your brand.

First and foremost, you won’t be able to address problems that you weren’t aware were problems in the first place. While some prospective and current residents might be forthright about issues with your customer service, more will simply end the communication with a silent bad taste in their mouth. They will be silent not to all but to you, as they express to their friends and loved ones what a negative experience they had with you.

For that reason, it’s important to keep your finger on the pulse of your customer service and to see what prospective, current, and former residents are saying about the customer service you provide. Check out local rental forums, take a peek at social media, and provide surveys for those who communicate with you where they can make suggestions for improvement.

Once you know what needs to be improved upon, you can begin taking the steps to making those much needed improvements. This may require training for your customer service team or other staff members to ensure everyone is on the same page, but it’s an investment worth making. This strategy isn’t saved for the year 2020 alone, so it can help you to continue to evolve your customer service going forward.

When we think about customer service of 20 years ago, it looks quite a bit different than it does today. Social media messaging correspondence, e-mail surveys, and other frequently utilized strategies for communicating with residents simply didn’t exist in a major capacity back then. Due to this, we can estimate that customer service will continue to evolve and progress each year going forward. Keeping up with what your customers want keeps you ahead of the curve.

At, we want to help you make your customer service the best it can be. If you’re interested in learning more about meeting the various needs of your residents, contact us today.