A happy community is a community that people want to live in. Joining different personalities together to create a harmonious community atmosphere can be difficult, but community management teams may have more control over this than they realize. Resident conflict will happen from time to time, but knowing what red flags to look out for is a great way to make sure those conflicts are simple, few, and far between.

A few red flags indicating that a prospective resident could cause some conflict are the following:

  • Previous resident issues – Contacting the property manager of someone’s previous residence can give you quite a bit of information. Conducting this sort of background check is important to knowing what you can expect, and it can tell you a lot about a person’s payment history, their ability to get along with other residents, and their general respect for your residence as a whole. While this won’t tell you everything about their experience with you, it can give you a clearer picture of what will happen if they become a resident.
  • Habitual lateness – If you call a prospective resident at an agreed upon time and they don’t answer, and if they’re habitually late to showings or meetings, you can reasonably expect them to be late for other matters as well. Those include their monthly payments. While this isn’t necessarily a point of concern for community atmosphere relationships, it can be concerning when it comes to your relationship with a prospective resident.
  • Rowdy behavior – If a prospective resident or residents come to your property for a visit, only to ask about party spaces, soundproofing of the walls, or other related matters, you could have a rowdy situation on your hands. This could lead to conflicts with neighbors, and those will be conflicts you’ll then be tasked with solving. While there is nothing wrong with a little celebration, you do want to keep the harmonious community atmosphere you’ve built.
  • A lot of objections – If it seems like the prospective resident or residents have objection after objection, your community simply may not be the community for them. If they do decide to lease with your community, this could result in an abundance of calls once they’re the ones paying for the property their living in. If you fail to meet their expectations, this could result in undeserved negative word-of-mouth marketing around the general community.

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