Surveys are a tool that should never be overlooked when improving your guests’ experience. The idea is simple – your guests are given an opportunity to tell you where improvements need to be made, and you can use this information to provide your guests with exactly what they want. In-stay surveys are a unique sort, they offer guests a way to air any grievances they may have before it turns into a bad review on a major travel site. If they have an issue, it can be addressed immediately, giving you the chance to right any wrongs before they are allowed to make a serious impact on their trip or experience.

There are a few ways you can structure your in-stay survey, but some elements that all surveys should include are:

  • Keep it short – Your guests are there for work, relaxation, or play, not to partake in long drawn-out customer surveys. You should give them opportunity to expand on their thoughts if they choose, but they also have the option to keep it short and sweet. This ensures your survey is useful and not intrusive to their experience.
  • Ask specifically if anything has gone wrong – When you ask specifically if a guest has experienced anything going wrong, they’ll be more inclined to let you know rather than just placing a poor review without much detail. This also expresses a level of care by your establishment, helping guests to better understand that wrongs do happen, but you’ll always be there to make it right.
  • Act quickly – When you receive feedback, it’s important to act quickly, as this is what will save your guests’ experiences. Without acting quickly, they may become more disgruntled with the experience they received, and they’ll be more likely to leave poor reviews on major travel websites. For instance, if a guest remarks that their shower is cold and the room seems unclean, make sure to have the room cleaned as quickly as possible and the hot water repaired.

At, we know the sheer power in a survey or review, and how boutique hoteliers can use these tools to increase their bookings, customer loyalties, and reputations. If you’re interested in learning more about creating the best in-stay surveys, contact us today.