Spring Cleaning Your Rental

Spring has finally arrived and with the end of the harsh winter weather, it’s time to do some Spring cleaning. Spring cleaning can help improve your property, increase retention, and help attract new renters. So it’s a great idea to get your staff together and plan your Spring cleaning. Here are some things to consider add to your Spring cleaning list:

Why Your Community Needs Instagram And How You Can Manage It

Navigating the wide world of social media can be pretty overwhelming even for the most tech-savvy property management team, but it’s true that there are some outlets you should be paying more mind to than others. For marketing a community and community brand, Instagram can be an invaluable resource, and we at are here to help you to master it.

Curb Appeal Tips For Every Season

Whether you’re trying to attract local in-person attention, or take your community online, one thing is for certain – curb appeal matters. Consider curb appeal your shot at making a great first impression, and we all know how important first impressions really are. No matter the season or the weather in your particular area, impressive curb appeal is possible in every season. Whether it’s a lazy hot summer day or an icy winter evening, you can always make your community shine. At, we want to take a look at curb appeal for all seasons of the year, and provide a few pointers on how you can make your community look its best all year round.

Retaining Residents Through A Rent Increase

Rent increases happen, and it’s not something that is truly pleasing to anyone. As the costs of goods and services go up, leases need to be amended to reflect recouping the expenses, and it’s not something that makes residents happy to learn that it’s going to be more expensive to remain in your community. That being said, increasing rent doesn’t need to be a death sentence to your resident retention, and it all has to do with how you approach the rent increase and communicate it to those renting with you.

Managing Your Community Social Media To Retain Residents And Attract New Ones

In today’s modern age, businesses can’t afford to ignore social media, and this includes property management teams. Using social media effectively can allow you to better retain your current residents while attracting fresh and new attention, but knowing just what effectively entails is a big part of the equation. At Occupancy Solutions, we want to clear some of the fog surrounding proper use of social media for resident retention and attracting new audiences, in order to make working social media into your marketing and management strategy a breeze.

5 Tips For Hosting A Community Event

A great way to bring your community together and retain residents is with community events. Whether these events are meetings to keep up to date with community goings-on, or filled with fun family activities, these gatherings bring together property management staff, maintenance, and community members all at once to connect and get to know each other. At Occupancy Solutions, we know that one of the toughest parts of throwing a community event is getting the word out and getting everyone to show up, so we have 5 tips you can use for a successful hosting experience:

Lowering Your Vacancy With Curb Appeal

If you have some vacant residences in your community, chances are you want to fill them up and do so quickly. Curb appeal can be your best weapon against resident vacancies, and attract all sort of valued attention to your community and your brand. At Occupancy Solutions, we want to break down a few curb appeal tips that can attract residents into wanting to know a whole lot more about the lifestyle you offer:

5 Steps To Retaining Residents After Their First Year

When it comes to resident retention, that first year and first lease is important. Initial impressions mean a great deal, and you can really make or break retaining a resident depending on yours. At Occupancy Solutions, we want to help property management teams make the best impact possible during this first lease period, and retain their residents for many more years to come. The 5 steps to retaining residents using their first year experience are:

Using Social Media To Master Resident Retention

Social media works wonders to advertise and market for your community, bringing new prospective residents in, but what about resident retention? Well, in terms of resident retention, social media used well can be one of your most valuable tools in keeping your residents happy and coming back lease after lease. How do you go about using social media for resident retention? It’s actually quite simple and it all starts with open and frequent communication.

Extra, Extra Read All About It!

It might seem old-fashioned, but you would be amazed at how much power a community newsletter can have! It’s a great way for your residents to know a little bit about where they live and a whole lot about their local community. Newsletters can bring them a sense of togetherness, which is important if you’re looking to foster loyalty.

Bringing Everyone Together

We often hear the word “community” and wonder what it means. Is it a place to live? A city or village? Maybe it’s something less tangible; like a feeling. If you look it up, the word community has a few different definitions. The one that best describes what you as a landlord should be working to achieve is: a social group of people who live in the same area. To build a community, you’ll need to find a way to get your group of people to become social. There are a few things that you can do to make this happen, and when you do, you’ll become more than just a landlord. You’ll be a community builder!

Protect Everything That You Work Hard For

If you’ve been a landlord for a long time, you probably know what insurances you should have to protect your investments. On the other hand, if you’ve been a landlord for a long time, you might have gotten into the business when insurance was not something that many people thought about. Landlord insurance is not required by law, but if you have rentals, you’d be wise to consider it.

Sharing Is Caring; How Social Media Can Help Landlords

We live in a very social age. It’s not that people are more friendly or outgoing, but when it comes to connecting with others, the answer lies at our fingertips. A few keystrokes and suddenly we can connect with hundreds of people at once! If your poodle gets a new haircut, simply post a pic and let the world like it! If you baked a cake that looks like a pineapple, the supportive response can number in the hundreds. If social media is this good for gaining support for haircuts and cakes, what else might it be able to do?

Six Ways To Foster Resident Retention

As a landlord, you know the importance of resident retention. What’s better than a resident who pays their rent on time, never causes trouble, and takes good care of where they live? If you can retain good residents, not only will you have less stress, you’ll save time and money. Keeping your residents happy goes a long way toward retention. Here are six things that can make a difference.

Your Employees Are Your Business

Many business owners believe that their business is only as successful as its least successful employee. If this holds any truth, it stands to reason that any business owner would seek to hire and retain the most successful employees.

Does Your Team Have The Right Stuff?

When you think about your team of employees, you want to be sure that have best people for the job. Success comes when everyone works together toward a common goal and when it comes to your rental business, you need a team that works for you and the residents. Some bosses often think that their business would thrive if they could only have of team of people like themselves. Well, why can’t you?

Four Customer Service Skills Every Landlord Needs

Have you ever heard the saying “The customer is always right?” This may or may not be true; just ask anyone who has ever worked in customer service. There are times when the customer is wrong, but it comes down to how you treat them that can make the difference.

Five Clever Blogging Ideas For Your Rental Company

There are many ways to market your rentals online. One of the best is to have a blog on your website. A blog is free advertisement that will help you get the word out about your rentals, attract potential residents, and communicate with your community. Blogs also help you rank higher on search engines query results because they communicate with search engines like Google and Yahoo what your business is all about.