5 Tips For Using Facebook To Market Your Community Socially

In today’s modern social media age, no brand can afford to go without Facebook. When prospective residents, customers, patrons, or any interested party looks up a brand on the internet, they’ll often look for a website, reviews, an a Facebook page as their online base of what the brand is all about.

The Importance Of Human Resource Training

The Importance of Human Resource Training Being the most important element of any organization, the training for Human Resources is of absolute importance and necessity. From hiring new employees to handling the exit interviews, Human resources...

How To Answer Those Commonly Asked Tricky Questions

Interviews with potential residents are really two-sided. You are making sure that they will be good renters, follow the rules of your community, and can afford the rent. They are making sure that your rental is a place they want to call home. The interview process is crucial and sometimes potential renters will ask some pretty tricky questions. Here is a guide for how to answer those tough ones that you are commonly asked.

Five Classic Listing Photos Mistakes To Avoid

Your listing photography is the first introduction to your potential renters. The very first thing anyone does before even reading the details of the space is look at the photos. If the photos aren’t good, they’ll quickly move on to the next listing without even giving your rental a chance. So it is essential that you offer up great listing photography to engage potential renters and entice them to learn more. There are some pretty common mistakes property managers make when creating listing photography, here are the five most classic mistakes to avoid:

Five Essential Tips For Staging A Rental Property

First impressions can have a lasting impact, so it is essential that when you are ready to show your rentals, that you stage them properly. Staging can make or break the interest in a space, so you need to be smart about how you set things up. Also, you want to make sure that you stage things cost effectively and spend money where it has the most impact. Here are five essential tips for staging a rental property to attract new occupants.

Five Cost Effective Ways To Attract New Renters

Your primary role as a property manager is to fill your vacancies with new renters. This can become a costly prospect if you are not careful between running advertisements and marketing materials. So to keep cost down but still attract new residents, here are five really cost-effective ways to attract potential renters:

Four Cheap Technology Upgrades To Attract New Renters

Technology is moving at an incredibly rapid pace, and for smart property managers looking to keep up with the times, we all need to upgrade our technology. However, a lot of people shy away from technology upgrades because of the default assumption that they will all be incredibly expensive. Fortunately, there are plenty of small technology upgrades that are very attractive to renters but are also incredibly affordable for property managers. Here are four cheap technologies to consider adding to your rentals:

Three Helpful Time Management Tips For Property Managers

When you are a property manager, whether for a small property or a large multi-location franchise, you are always juggling a ton of balls. Many times what seems like it should be a quick task can take up most of your day. Other times there is an emergency situation so you can get to your priority tasks in time. So it’s really important that learn some really great time saving and time management skills in order to ensure you never drop one of the balls you are juggling. Here are three super helpful tips to save you time:

Prep Your Rental With Our Helpful Summer Checklist

Summer is right around the corner and before it gets here, you should start prepping your rentals property to make sure that everything is for the change of seasons. There is a lot to keep track off for summer rental preparation, so we decided to make you a helpful checklist so you wouldn’t forget anything you need to do:

Top Four Websites To Advertise Vacancies

There are dozens of websites online where you can list vacancies for your rentals. Where you list your website is just as important as how you list your website. Not every site will have the same ROI or will be perused by the ideal renters. To help you fill your vacancies, here are the top four websites to advertise your rentals:

Fun Property Event Ideas For Spring

With Spring now upon us, the time for hosting events and breathing life into your residential building has never been better. An important part of life is the time you spend experiencing food and fun activities with those around you. It is without a doubt an important thing to consider for the residents in your apartment building, and can indeed be a deciding factor for resident retention. Community building events not only provide a social platform for your neighbors to interact, but also provide an opportunity for new residents to meet their new neighbors, or even introduce older neighbors that have never had a prior chance to meet.

Everything You Need To Know About Listing Vacant Properties On Airbnb

Airbnb has come a long way since their 2008 humble beginnings. Many travelers are now preferring to stay in someone’s home as opposed to a hotel, and for a few good reasons. One of which is that it is typically less expensive. At an average cost of $65 per night, you just can’t beat that! While cost effectiveness is undoubtedly a big deciding factor, the level of comfort is often considered to be better in someone’s home over the generic hotel room.

Five Tips For Creating Welcome Paperwork

Paperwork can be difficult to put together for the new people leasing your apartment. In order to provide the best customer service and make sure you consistently receive good reviews, the initial paperwork can play a large role in how that plays out. Of course there are certain rules, regulations, and policies that need to be conveyed, but you also want them to feel comfortable while moving into their new home. Here are 5 solid tips to help you achieve the best results:

Why You Should Consider Solar For Your Apartment Building

You have probably seen the growing concern for protecting the environment, ways to “go green”, and the increasing amount of clean energy options, but you may not have considered how some of these could benefit you and your business. Solar energy being the most applicable option for individuals and business owners to produce their own clean energy is on the rise, but many are still concerned about whether or not it would be a good investment. In most cases, they can be a good investment, but the return on investment might seem too far in the future for it to be considered.

Four Ways To Ensure You Pick Quality Residents

The long-term reputation and profitability of your rental depends on the quality of your residents. However, even doing your due diligence, you can still end up with bad renters sometimes. It is crucial that you make sure that you have a good screening process in place, so that you get qualified rental candidates. Here are five ways to ensure that you are picking the best people to rent your vacancies:

Unusual Amenities To Consider Offering Your Renters

With the increase of renters, the real estate market has become more competitive. To give your rental an edge, you should consider upgrading your features. A great way to give your rental an edge in the market is to offer unique amenities, rather than the standards that everyone offers. Here are some ideas for unusual amenities to consider that will attract new residents and increase retention.

5 Tips For Simplifying Rent Week

Rent week is easily the busiest week for property managers. They have to manage multiple residents, do a lot of accounting, and make sure everything gets paid on time. Every month when rent week comes it can be incredibly hectic and make even the most organized property manager want to pull out their hair. However, there are ways to simplify rent week, so that both you and your residents have an easier time. Here are five tips that can help you make rent week simpler for everyone involved: