What To Put Into Your Community Newsletter

A community newsletter is a small thing that can have a really big lasting impact on your residents, but one of the hardest parts about sending out community newsletters is just what to put into them. You may have the frequency down, the delivery method, the length, and the look of the letter all planned out, but it’s still not rare to struggle with what type of content your letter will consist of. A community newsletter can be distributed online, in person, through the mail, or any way you see fit, but all of the impact of the piece will lie within what’s inside!

Improving Your Community Reputation

The reputation of your community means a lot, but if you’ve allowed this reputation to slip in the past, this doesn’t mean there is no coming back. Improving your community reputation can be viewed synonymously with improving your resident retention and making more out of leads, which is why it’s so important to pay close attention to your community reputation and make any improvements that may be necessary.

Providing Solutions For Your Objections

::BLOCK:: ::CONTENT::GALLERY ::BLOCK:: We all know that it’s important to not ignore your prospective residents’ objections, but coming up with solutions can be pretty difficult, particularly on the fly. While you’re touring a...

Learning To Overcome Your Objections

While giving a tour to prospective residents, some objections may come up. This is one part of the touring process that surprises and challenges many in the field, and ignoring these concerns or not bringing to the table a solution to the problem can hinder you more greatly than you may know. Learning to overcome your objections is a great way to turn more visits into leases, and it all starts with knowing just what an objection may be.

Effective Follow Up To Keep Residents Happy

At Occupancy Solutions, we know how important it is to practice effective follow-up for prospective residents, but this idea is also important to carry out with current residents as well. When it comes to resident retention, follow up can show those currently residing within your community that you care about their input, their feelings, and their happiness in residing with you, so this is a tool that should never be overlooked. Effective follow up helps to keep your current residents happy, and this can lead to longer leases and a overall more content community.

Getting A Step Ahead On Preventative Maintenance

Maintaining your community is something that can have one of the largest impacts on resident retention and attracting new residents. No resident will want to stay within a community that is breaking down, just like no prospective resident will want to move in to a residence in disrepair, and this is why it’s important to stay on top of maintenance issues and fix them before they become real problems.

Turning An Internet Lead Into A Lease

For property managers, the internet is an excellent resource when it comes to marketing your community and generating leads. Interested parties can now find your community more quickly and easily than ever, but this does place some added responsibility on you in terms of getting back to leads and turning them into leasing residents.

Outselling Your Property Management Competition

The level of competition in the property management realm is no secret to any property manager, and one of the most difficult tasks you need to take on as part of your job is keeping yourself one step ahead. In property management, you want to lay out why your community is just a bit better, a bit happier, and a bit of a better fit than the other guys’, and this will take some strategic marketing and communication.

Social Media Management For Community Managers

Social media has been a total game changer in all industries, and this includes community management. Social media platforms are where millions upon millions of people around the globe are spending their time online, and this means that placing yourself on these platforms as well allows you to reach your audiences in a truly organic and natural engaging way.

The Benefits Of A Community Newsletter

If you’re looking to keep your current residents happy, and work a bit on resident retention, reaching out is always a great idea. With a community newsletter, you’re provided with a simple way to reach out and communicate with all of your residents at once, and to clue them in on all of the happenings or goings on around your community.

The Importance Of Building A Community Spirit

A great sense of community spirit is not only important to retaining current residents, but attracting new ones as well. What all people seek when they look for a new place to call home is a neighborhood environment that leaves them feeling comfortable, content, and happy in their space, and there is no reason why this can’t be cultivated in any sort of resident community.

Local Marketing For Your Community

Marketing your community locally is a great way to generate leads and reach local audiences, but this will only work if you’re taking the right approach to your local marketing. There are quite a few ways that you can entice and engage your local audiences into becoming residents of your community, and we at Occupancy Solutions want to outline a few of these.

Maintaining Your Property's Reputation Online

The ability to go online is a great resource for property managers, but maintaining this online reputation is one extremely important aspect that many property mangers forget. Your online reputation will mean a great deal to generating new leads and instilling confidence in prospective tenants, not to mention setting you apart from the rest in terms of beating the competition.

3 Ways To Improve Your Community's Online Reputation

With many people turning to the internet to find their next residence or community, managing your online reputation is more important now than ever. Not only can going online be a great marketing tool for your community, but it can be an important informational one for prospective community members as well, making it all the more important that your community’s online reputation is kept positive.