Marketing Your Community On 3 Major Social Media Platforms

Social media marketing is an incredibly powerful tool, and it’s one that you can’t afford to skip if you plan to stay one step ahead of your competition. At Occupancy Solutions, we want to help you to market your community effectively on 3 major social media platforms, which should provide you with a great start to breaking into social media. When beginning in social media, it’s important not to juggle too much, and 3 platforms is a perfect place to start.

Follow-Up After Maintenance

When talking about follow-up, the most common thought is follow-up is great for keeping touch with those who come to visit your community. Great follow-up strategies can help to turn prospective residents into leases, but follow-up can also help to lead to happier current community members as well. After a resident of your community has maintenance performed or a problem fixed within their home, following up with them can help to show them how much you care and the lifestyle you’re trying to provide.

Learning To Craft Your Community Newsletter

A community newsletter can do many things including helping to foster a greater feel of a true community and keeping your residents up to date with what’s going on where they live. At, we highly recommend starting a community newsletter, and we have some tips on how you can make sure yours is one that’s successful!

3 Ways To Foster A Sense Of Community

A true sense of community can set your community apart from all others, and it can draw people to want to be a part of the family you’ve created. When it comes to fostering this true sense of community, it needs to be something that comes about naturally rather than forced, and there are ways you can build the foundation for a strong community as the community manager. At Occupancy Solutions, our top 3 ways to foster a sense of community are:

Staging Your Residences For Your Visitors

When visitors take time out of their day to stop by and check out your community, you’ll want to make their trip worthwhile. At Occupancy Solutions, we can help to make these visits ones that turn out successfully for both you and your visitors, and one tip we can extend to you is learning to stage your residences. Residency staging is used to help visitors to picture a space as their home, and you can help to do this with smart staging that communicates to as many prospective residents as possible.

Upping The Winter Curb Appeal For Your Community

Curb appeal has a way of attracting real organic attention, so it makes sense that it’s such an important part of your community. Your curb appeal can be described as how your community is viewed from the outside, and an attractive curb appeal is one that will turn heads and garner interest in the lifestyle you provide. As people are driving by, they’re likely to notice a community that stands out in a positive way, and this notice can quickly turn to real interest.

3 Common Objections And How To Overcome Them

Objections can be frustrating, and we at completely understand. You want prospective residents to be as enamored with a residence as you are, but this isn’t always the case. When objections do arise, however, there are things you can do to alleviate these concerns and help visitors to overcome them.

Touring Visitors During The Winter

Just because cold weather has set in doesn’t mean your visits and tours needs to get more difficult or cease altogether. While it’s true that more people tend to seek new residences during the warmer months, this is certainly not universally the case, and you should know just how to go about maximizing your time when touring visitors during the winter.

3 Social Media Platforms You Can Use To Market Your Community

For all types of brands and businesses, social media marketing is a must in today’s age. The vast majority of internet users of all ages spend most of their online time using these platforms, and it’s become the new way to really connect and investigate with all types of brands. When marketing a community, this fact remains the same, and marketing with these outlets can help you to put yourself right where your main audience is.

Using Pinterest For Your Community

If you’re trying to market your community to be hip, with the times, or modern, Pinterest is a social media platform you can’t really afford to skip. Especially when paired with Instagram, Pinterest takes a really cool visual approach to marketing your community, and it places you right where those you’re looking to reach are spending their time online. Pinterest is a massive trend in the social media world right now with young people, and if this is who you’re looking to bring into your community, this is where they’re going to find you.

3 Closing Techniques It Really Pays To Adopt

Great closing techniques are what are going to turn your visits into leases, and it can really pay to adopt a few quality techniques that have a high tendency of positive conversions. When closing the deal, you’ll want to create an experience of confidence, trust, and personal attention, and using phrases that convey these emotions are always recommended.

Training Your Team Strengthens Your Bottom Line

All community managers should know the strength and the power they hold in their team. Successfully managing a community of people isn’t a job that can be done well by one single person alone, and it will take well trained and trustworthy group to ensure everything continues to run smoothly.

Using Pinterest To Show Off Your Community

Social media is excellent for giving communities and community managers a voice, and it can also provide a way to retain residents as well. With social media, current residents have a place to gather, prospective ones a place to see more about your community, and you a place to communicate all you wish to communicate to both parties!

Using Facebook To Build Your Community

A feeling of community is important to resident retention, and you can use social media to help build this sense of community in a really simple way. Not only is social media handy for marketing and getting your community out there to the local public, it’s also handy for keeping your current residents happy as well, and it’s not difficult to go about using your Facebook account for just this purpose.