3 Ways To Stage Residences Affordably

Staging a residence before a prospect comes to see it can really help them to imagine it as their own. Think of it this way: which is more inviting, an empty room, or a room with a little character? During visits, you want to invite your prospects to feel at home while on the tour within the residence, and staging is the best way to do this.

5 Ways To Clear Up Common Prospect Concerns During A Tour

When a prospect comes to tour your community or a particular residence, they are going to have a checklist of concerns already laid out before they even walk out the door. In doing their homework, they’ll have certain features or aspects they’ll want to check before ever seriously considering signing a lease, and it’s your job to alleviate those concerns from the start. At Occupancy Solutions, we want to outline these common prospect concerns, and show you how to clear them up right then and there.

5 Ways You Could Be Using Social Media Better

Social media is an excellent community marketing tool, but are you using social media in the right way? There are several things you can do to maximize your social media marketing potential, and we at Occupancy Solutions want to outline the top 5.

Marketing Your Community In Every Season Of The Year

While spring and summer may be the most popular marketing seasons for communities, that doesn’t mean that winter and fall are off seasons! We at Occupancy Solutions have ideas that you can use for every season, and we want to break them down for you so you can keep your marketing fun all year long.

3 Tips To Make Your Tour Go Even Better

When a prospect comes to visit your community for a tour, this is time that’s important to the both of you. For them, they’re taking time out of their busy schedule and busy life to seriously investigate what you have to offer, and for you, you’re spending time with an individual that could become a new resident and the filling for a vacancy.

Bringing Video Into Your Community Marketing

Video is a marketing trend that is sweeping industries across the board, and it was one of the biggest marketing focuses for 2015, and projected to be one in 2016 as well. For those in community management, video may be that one little tidbit of effective marketing you’re missing, and there is so much you can say using only a short video! At Occupancy Solutions, we want you to make the most of your marketing efforts, and in today’s day and age, this means taking advantage of what video has to offer.

5 Tips For A Great Visitor Tour

When visitors come to your community, you want them to really experience all you have to offer. In order to make the experience as impressive and as impactful as possible, we at Occupancy Solutions want to provide you with some tips to turn your next tour into a great one! Our 5 tips for a great visitor tour are:

3 Things To Pay Attention To If You Want More Leads

Leads lead to prospects, prospects lead to visits, and visits lead to leases, so how do you start with a healthy foundation of leads? There are quite a few things you’ll want to pay attention to if you want to garner more leads for your community, and we at Occupancy Solutions are here to help. The 3 things you should pay attention to if you want more leads are:

The Importance Of Bringing A Personal Experience To Prospects

A personal experience will leave a lasting impression, and this rings true whether you’re talking about touring a new community or purchasing a pair of shoes! For those in community management, learning how to provide a personalized experience to prospects is important, as this will set you apart from the competition and leave prospects thinking about your community over all others. There are various ways you can provide a more personalized experience for prospects, and a few of our favorites are:

5 Community Curb Appeal Tips To Prepare For Spring

It may be winter now, but it’s never too early to start considering your curb appeal for spring! Curb appeal can really set you apart from the competition in a special way, and attract prospects as they’re driving by your community. A community with great or out-standing curb appeal will fare better than one with little curb appeal, and making things seasonally appropriate is always a stellar way to ensure you stand out. 5 of our best community curb appeal tips for spring are:

Building A Great Website For Your Property

In today’s modern age, the internet is where most people go when looking for a new place to call home. Whether they’re looking to buy or lease, the internet is an immense resource they can use to compare, contrast, and make sure they’re making the perfect choice in place to live. Because of this, building a quality website is the best way to attract prospective residents’ attention, and place yourselves on par with or above your competition.

3 Reasons Why Resident Relationships Are Important

Building relationships with your residents is incredibly important, and it’s something that’s always worth your time to do. We at Occupancy Solutions feel that this should be a priority for all community management teams, and we want to outline a few reasons why building positive resident relationships is worth your time. 3 reasons why resident relationships are important are:

5 Tips For Good Resident And Prospect Follow-Ups

Your follow-up is a big deal, and whether you’re following up with current residents or prospective ones, how and when you choose to follow up with them will make a lasting impression. At Occupancy Solutions, we want to help you to make your follow-up the best it can be, and no matter who you may be following up with, our tips can help to give you the most successful and positively impactful experience possible! 5 tips for good resident and prospect follow-ups are:

5 Tips On Building Great Resident Relationships

Resident relationships not only help immensely in resident retention, but they help to make your community a much happier place. Creating that organic and unforced community feel will take great resident relationships, and we at Occupancy Solutions have a few tips we can share with you on building those worthy relationships with your own residents. 5 tips on building great resident relationships that we want to share with you are:

Is It Time for You to Reassess Your Property Management Needs?

A single bad resident can harm wreck the revenue stream for your entire property, and an unoccupied room can bleed money for months on end. You need a trained expert to keep a sharp eye on your property, but very few people know how to effectively do so, even among experienced property managers. If you’re wondering whether you need to look into overhauling your property management systems, here are some questions you should be asking yourself.

Finding Ways To Outsell Your Competition

Managing residences and communities is a competitive sort of business, and learning to outsell your competition is one way you can ensure you’ll remain relevant and successful. At Occupancy Solutions, we’re here to help you with outselling your competition, and we have ideas that you can use to make sure your community stands out above all others.

Follow-Up Tips To Turn Visitors Into New Leases

When visitors come in to tour your community, you’re going to want to turn these visitors into new leases, but how do you go about making this happen? Effective follow-up can place you ahead of your competition and leave just the right taste in the mouths of prospective community members to turn them into happy members of your community.

Creating Curb Appeal During The Winter

​Curb appeal is pretty simple to accomplish during the spring and summer months, and you can use clean landscaping and flowers to really draw the eye to your community from passersby on the road. In the winter, things get a bit more difficult, but we at Occupancy Solutions want to give you some ideas to improve your curb appeal during these cooler months of the year.