Using A Closing Technique

When looking to get a renter, there are several well-known techniques for closing a deal. A lot of you have probably been trained with the ABC or Always Be Closing idea. It is true for the most part, but you have to be sure that while you are closing, you are treating your client like a person and not just a business transaction. Patience and kindness go a long way when dealing with a new potential client.

How To Outsell Your Competition

When a client comes to you for information about a potential property, there is usually at least one other place they are considering. That is your competition. There are few ways to outsell your competition right from the beginning. Let’s take a look.

Tips To Increase Your Closing Ratio

Closing a deal takes time. There is no magical phrase that you can say that will make someone seal the deal immediately. You need to have a strategy in place and be ready to use it. Our team at Occupancy Solutions can help you with that. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Preventative Maintenance Ideas For Your Property

Preventative maintenance is the key to maintaining successful rental properties. No one wants to live in a place that is falling apart, and your renters may not report back to you that something is broken until the damage is already done. Here is a small list to get you started of things that should be checked regularly to keep your space in good shape.

How To Turn A Telephone Call Into An Appointment

Answering the phone is easy. But how do you take that phone call and turn it into a booked appointment so you can show your new customer what you are talking about? We’ve got some tips for you. Keep reading to find out some of the tricks from the top of the business.

Effective Follow Up Strategies

Effective follow up is the key to making a sale. Customers appreciate the extra effort that goes into your follow ups and they are more likely to respond if they know you are truly interested in their business. Here are a few tips for making sure that your follow ups are well received and working the way you intended.

How To Attract Millennials

The Millennials are a substantial demographic of renters. With the current economic conditions, homeownership among millennials is extremely low and is continuing to decline. Therefore, they are a great target demographic for property managers. There are several ways to attract millennials if you understand their generational needs.

Low Cost Ways To Improve The Curb Appeal Of Your Property

First impressions are lasting impressions. That is why maintaining the exterior of your property is crucial to your success. Luckily improving curb appeal is an inexpensive way to leave a lasting impression on potential renters. Here are some simple, inexpensive ideas for your property.

How to Choose the Right Property Management Company

Knowing that your property is being properly cared for gives you peace of mind and allows you to focus on demands other than maintaining your property investment. One of the most important decisions you make when you invest in real estate is what...

Four Signs Its Time To Raise The Rent

Raising the rent on a property is never easy. All property managers worry about renter retention and the stress of having to attract new renters with a higher price point. However, raising the rent also allows you to improve your facilities, balance your operational costs, and make more profit. There are some pretty good signs that it is time to raise the rent. If you keep these in mind when pricing your rentals, you should be able to retain your current renters and attract new ones.

Is Going Green Still Relevant

A couple years ago “Going Green” was the biggest trend in property management. Many companies saw the “Green Revolution” as a new way to save money and attract clients and for awhile it was a very innovative approach. However, now that the trend has died down, does it still make sense for your property to “Go Green”? Can you still attract new clients by offering a “Green Space”? Are there financial incentives to going green if the commodity value lessens? There definitely are. Regardless of the current trends, going green saves property managers and renters big money.

Managing Online Reviews

Online reviews can be incredibly nerve-wracking for property managers. We’ve all heard the nightmare story of one bad online review destroying a company. This is because most companies do not have a strategy to combat negative online reviews. However, with a little effort you can manage your online reviews and ensure that visitors do not have a bad picture of your company.

Build A Great Website, Build A Great Brand

Your online presence is an extension of your brand. You can communicate a lot about your business with the design and functionality of your web page. This is especially important for property management companies because people are emotionally invested in their homes and will base their decisions solely off first impressions. If your website is inviting, functional, and has a variety of easy to use features, visitors will be left with a good feeling about your company.

How Renters Insurance Protects Property Managers

More property management companies are including provisions in their rental agreements that require renters to carry rental insurance. That is because rental insurance not only protects the renters, but it also protects the property management company. Rental insurance primarily covers the renter’s possessions, however their coverage can ultimately reduce your liability and save your company a lot of money.

Use Upcoming Holidays To Create Community Events

If you plan to use community events to keep residents engaged, and draw new interest in new prospective residents, holidays are incredibly useful opportunities. No matter the season, there is a holiday coming up that you can celebrate with your residents and their families, and we want to provide you with a few ideas you can use for some of the holidays coming up within the next few months:

Improving Your Community Curb Appeal This Spring

Within 7 seconds, we typically know if we like something or not, at least when it comes to first impressions. When it comes to your community, these first impressions mean a whole lot, and your curb appeal will have a lot to do with the sort of first impressions your residences give off. With spring coming right around the corner, we wanted to outline a few simple and inexpensive ideas you can use to really spruce up your community for the new season.

5 Ways To Better Manage Your Time While Managing A Community

Managing a community effectively can be difficult, and because of this, it’s easy to get lost in your own time. Soon, you can find yourself really falling out of your healthy work/life balance, as you’re doing community related tasks here and there, without much time allotted for yourself.