Families have an incredible ability to organically build a community feel while sharing your community to their network of family and friends. For this reason, it’s no wonder why so many community management teams look to attract families with their marketing and outreach strategies. At OccupancySolutions.com, we have the finger on the pulse of what attracts families in 2024, and we want to break down 5 ways you can make your community more appealing:

1. Use space to encourage outdoor activities – Rarely are children satisfied with sitting inside, and for this reason outdoor space is particularly important to families. A playground area, an asphalt space for playing games, basketball hoop, or even a multi-use field can be a very attractive amenity for families with children of any age.

2. Clubhouses – A clubhouse isn’t just appealing to adult residents, but residents with children as well. If your clubhouse offers rentable space, that’s the perfect solution for throwing a big birthday party. If your community hosts game nights, families can have a great time out while building connections with their neighbors. It may even offer an indoor play option for those inclement weather days.

3. Offering on-site laundry – Families go through a lot of laundry throughout the average week, and children may use up multiple outfits every single day. Offering the convenience of on-site laundry can be what sets your community apart from the competition. This doesn’t mean each residence needs an in-unit washer and dryer, but an on-site laundromat that’s 24-hour and convenient to access is a sought-after amenity.

4. Accessible community resources – In a public area, like a clubhouse, central bulletin board, or online community group, having accessible resources is a way community management teams can do something small that means a great deal to families. Letting residents know about local babysitters, daycare centers, youth sports leagues, and other resources gives families what they need and ensures its easy to find.

5. Offer family events – Community events are a fun and easy way to bring your residents together, and if you’re trying to attract families having a few catered specifically to them can have a big impact. Playdates, classes for kids, and mommy-and-me events encourage families within your community to get together, socialize, and build relationships.

For more information on attracting families to your community in 2024, contact us at OccupancySolutions.com today.