Proper upkeep is what keeps your residences attractive, cozy, and a great place to call home to residents both long-time and new. When one resident moves out, but before another moves in, there are a few fixtures that your maintenance team should check up on just to make sure your new community member is getting the best possible start. Moving into a new space only to find minor upkeep issues at every turn doesn’t give the best first impression or create the most excited new residents.

5 fixtures your maintenance teams should check up on between move out and move in days are:

  1. Check smoke detectors – Smoke detectors save lives, and moving into a new space only to find that the smoke detector batteries are beeping doesn’t create a whole lot of confidence for new residents. Checking all smoke detectors in a residence communicates to new community members that your management team takes the utmost care of their safety.
  2. Check for water leaks – Water leaks can start out slowly and cause big damage in a short span of time. Rotting drywall, mold growth, and water damage spreads within a space. Between a resident moving out, and a new resident moving in, have your maintenance staff check over all pipes to ensure small leaks aren’t present. Fixing a small leak is much easier and more cost effective than cleaning up water damage later on.
  3. Check for pests – Pests can leave subtle signs at first, and before you know it, your residences could be facing an entire infestation. Having residences checked for pests, or proactively calling out an exterminator, is a great way to ensure pests don’t become an unwanted tenant in your community.
  4. Check electrical wiring – An electrical wiring malfunction can be very dangerous. Having your maintenance team thoroughly look over wiring within your residences ensures resident safety.
  5. Check toilets – Toilets are some of the most used fixtures in any home. Without a working toilet, that space is unusable for new residents. Check over all toilets first to ensure the space is ready for move-in day.

Giving your residents a fresh start is the best way to give them a great first impression. To learn more about making the best impression on new residents or prospects, contact us.