Short form videos have become a huge deal in online marketing for any brand or service. Whether it’s a car dealership, a clothing store, or even a community, no brand can afford to miss out on what short form video can do for their online marketing. If you’ve never incorporated short form video into your marketing strategy before, we at can help to guide you in where to start.

Short form videos are the types of videos you’ll see on apps like YouTube, Instagram Reels, or TikTok. They’re videos that are usually under about 60 seconds, and they’re easily scrollable for audiences. They’re engaging, they don’t take a lot of time away from their day, and typically the goal is to make a big impact with only a short piece of content. 4 short form video ideas to get you started in marketing your community are:

  1. FAQs – Having a FAQ series is a great way to break into short form videos and have several pieces of consistent content at the same time. Each minute long video can answer one frequently asked question you hear often from prospective residents, answered in a fun and engaging way that shows your brand voice.
  2. Showcase local businesses – Location is a big deal to any prospective resident. Naturally, when a person joins a new community, they’ll want to know what the broader area has to offer. You can use short form videos to showcase local businesses as part of a consistent series much like a FAQ series. Coffee shops, boutiques, galleries, and small businesses that really showcase the neighborhood make a big impact.
  3. Showcase your amenities – Amenities, like location, can really make or break a person’s decision to become a part of any community. You can use short form video to show off what makes your community special. A swimming pool, laundry, community club house, or well-manicured park are all particularly impressive amenities.
  4. Showcase your residents – Your residents are what create that authentic community feel. They give a first-hand account of their lifestyle and experience with your residences, and they’ll be neighbors if a prospect decides to sign a lease. Ask community members to help out in the short form videos by asking them their favorite thing about living in your community, their favorite local business, or what they love most about what your community offers.

Short form video can’t be ignored in modern marketing. Contact us at for more ideas to create short videos that make a big impact.