The hospitality industry is an ever-changing landscape, as small and large hotels alike are always on the lookout for ways to enhance the guest experience. Well, here is a quick look at some of the more popular small hotel trends for 2023.

1. Contactless Service

Many hotels are now adopting contactless or touch-free service. More and more can now be done directly on mobile devices, which offers more convenience for guests. It also gives guests a certain amount of flexibility that they love.

2. Digital Guides

With everything going digital these days, it makes sense to have a digital guide available for guests. With this guide, they can find local entertainment and activities, and it can offer more insight into the hotel and surrounding community. The digital guide can be provided during check-in and will provide guests with valuable information they can use during their stay.

3. More Flexible Check-In Procedures

Many people nowadays prefer to do things without being face to face with another individual. Offering guests flexible check-ins give them more control over their stay and expectations. Online check-ins take the contactless trend to a new level and can be used for the initial check-in process and check-out at the end of their stay. Repeat customers can also use this technology to save time on their next booking.

4. Keyless Access to Rooms and Services

Keyless access provides guests security and helps lower operating costs for a small hotel. Guests will no longer be as dependent on the front desk as before. Smart locks with unique access codes can be keyed in or entered through a smartphone app depending on the technology you choose. This keyless access can extend from the guest rooms to other amenities, such as the gym or pool area.

5. More Automation

Finally, automation is becoming huge in the hospitality industry. Everything is being automated, from room management to pricing strategies, billing, housekeeping, and guest messaging, to make things easier and more convenient for everyone.

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