The New Year is the ideal time to plan new occupancy lead generation strategies. The market moves slower at the start of the year, making it the perfect time to experiment and plan. 2024 also brings incredible new technology, including AI and ML, that can streamline the workflow and help you do more to generate new leads. Here are some occupancy lead generation strategies to fill all your vacancies in 2024.

1. Create A Vibrant Culture

Become a cultural center in your community by partnering with local artists and artisans. Host First Fridays and feature local artists. You can also offer workshops or classes onsite. Consider offering yoga classes, cooking classes, or painting classes. For an upscale experience, consider having a personal chef, massage therapist, or golf pro come for a day. Creating a vibrant culture will make your rental the place to be, attracting renters and increasing occupancy rates.

2. Host Unforgettable Events

Hosting events brings the community together and allows you to showcase your facility's amenities and lifestyle. Consider hosting local markets or pop-ups, "meet the neighbors," or holiday-theme open houses that bring a community together. Another great strategy is to host events in partnership with a local charity. Opening up your rental to host events creates a welcoming atmosphere that keeps occupancy rates high.

3. Build Strong Community Relationships

Building strong relationships can help you become the official partner of local institutions. For example, consider partnering with the local colleges to offer student housing options. Contact local businesses and provide employee-preferred housing. Working with local institutions is a win-win. They can help their students and staff find the housing they need, and you can keep your occupancy rates high.

4. Don't Hold Back On Digital Marketing

2024 is the year to go big online. With so many incredible productivity tools and creative technologies, the sky's the limit. Start with engaging video content like a "day in the life of an occupant" or a tour of your rentals and amenities. Then, consider offering more unique experiences like virtual reality tours or onsite augmented reality experiences to help them visualize living in the rental. Standing out online will help you generate leads affordably, so think outside the box in 2024.

Taking a unique approach to lead generation in 2024 will ensure you stand out, leading to consistently high occupancy rates. For more occupancy lead generation strategies, contact Occupancy Solutions. Our lead generation strategy experts will help you develop the best approach to keep your rental fully rented.