Many people who now work in property management did not have the hospitality industry in mind when they were starting out. However, the hospitality and apartment industries have a lot in common. When you are part of management in either industry, you will find yourself doing many of the same tasks, such as:

  • Developing and supervising staff
  • Maintaining the buildings and grounds
  • Monitoring income and all expenses
  • Caring for the customers
  • Marketing your facility

Since the skills involved are essentially the same, you can use them from one industry to the other. Doing so will allow you to discover the connection between hospitality and property management. That would be especially helpful information should you go on to manage a small hotel.

The Difference Between Hospitality And Apartment Industries

The biggest one you will find is how much time you spend cultivating relationships with residents. In apartment management, you want to spend time building a foundation on trust and confidence. The hospitality industry, on the other hand, requires you to find ways to make a good impression on customers and quickly handle all complaints that may come your way.

Hospitality Tips For Small Hotels

Looking for more effortless ways to make a great first impression while managing a small hotel? Here are a few tips when it comes to hospitality:


  • When people book online, they spend more time looking into what is being offered. This means they may spend more on a certain package. So persuade guests to check all of the booking options available to them. Ensure that each person knows what they can get in your establishment so you can create a better experience for them.


  • It is also a good idea to network with other businesses in the area that may attract the guests staying in your small hotel. Any discounts or valuable information you can share will ultimately increase revenue and allow your guests to make the most of their stay.

Hospitality And Property Management

  • With the right property management skills in the hospitality industry, you can facilitate easy communication, ensure that every department is efficient, and find ways to satisfy each guest. Customer service should be high on your list of priorities when managing a small hotel or looking to improve vacancies. See to it that you take your skills as a property manager to heart as you step into the hospitality industry.

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