The best community management teams are diverse; varied in age, skills, and ideas, and at the head of that team is a leader who knows how to get the very best out of everyone. Leadership isn’t a skill a person learns once and never revisits. The act of leading a team is a skill that is constantly growing, developing, and improving as time goes on. At we want to help today’s community management team leaders to simply get better and better. 4 tips that can help you to lead your community management team even better are:

1.  Welcome honest communication – The best leaders are the leaders who always have their fingers on the pulse of their teams. Without welcoming open and honest communication, this couldn’t be possible. Encourage your team to communicate with you and with each other to create an environment built on trust and collaboration.

2.  Be a teacher instead of a boss – Bosses are often followed without much passion and simply because their employees feel as though it’s what they have to do. This mindset often leads to a lack of loyalty, high turnover, and poor communication within teams. Rather than focusing on being a boss, focus instead on being a teacher and a leader who inspires loyalty and motivation. Teach your teams about new ways to grow their skills and embrace each new milestone they reach.

3.  Understand motivations – Motivation is important and it’s different for everyone. What motivates one person may not have any effect another. Get to know your own motivations in your leadership and ask your teams what their motivations are personally and within the community. When you know what motivates your teams, you learn how to inspire them.

4.  Embrace a shared vision – You couldn’t do it without your team, so your vision for the community shouldn’t be yours alone either. Embrace your team coming up with new ideas and encourage creativity when it comes to goals and problem solving around the community as a whole.

At we know that the best communities are run by the best teams. To learn more about improving your community leadership skills, contact us at today.