Travel trends evolve, and in order to stay on top of what your guests are looking for, boutique hoteliers should learn how to evolve with them. 2023 has been a year about celebrating travel, the ability to travel, and the experiences one can have while traveling – a trend that is only expected to grow more important in 2024. What are travelers looking for in 2023? It’s all about affordable experiences they’ll remember.

First and foremost, travelers are coming out more budget-friendly in 2023 than ever before. This doesn’t necessarily mean that travelers aren’t willing to spend, but they expect to really get that “bang” for their buck. With inflation a big topic on a lot of people’s minds, travelers this year are less likely to shell out when they feel as though they’re not getting their money’s worth. For boutique hoteliers, this means really focusing on the experience you can provide for your reservation cost. It’s not that travelers aren’t willing to come and stay, it’s just that they want to know what’s in it for them first. Outlining your guest experience, what your area has to offer, and how you’ll personalize their stay makes a huge difference.

Next, travelers are looking for unique and memorable experiences. Gone are the days of the “same old thing”, and this really ties into traveler budget concerns as well. Travelers don’t want to invest in a trip they feel like they’ve had before, and instead they’re only willing to invest in a trip if they believe it’ll be a worthwhile experience. For owners of small hotels, this could mean leaning into what unique offerings your hotel or your area provides. What sets you apart from the bigger chains? What sets your region apart from the rest? How you sell the uniqueness of what you offer has a huge impact in 2023.

Lastly, we have nostalgia. Many travelers are looking for unique experiences, but they want a home base that really gives that distinct feeling of coming home. Providing an “old school” home base that doesn’t focus hard on digital, that feels like a bedroom back home, and that offers nostalgic comforts like a home-cooked breakfast can put guests right in that cozy space.

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