Millennials and Gen Zers are starting to dominate the buying and renting market, but Baby boomers and Gen Xers are still active. These generations look for different things and are attracted to different marketing strategies. Property managers must, then, be aware of their eccentricities in order to maximize their marketing potential.

Baby Boomers

Baby boomers are in their 60s and nearing retirement age. This means that they will be cashing in on their investments and savings soon. With empty nests and financial freedom, baby boomers may be looking to downsize their homes and start prepping for their post-retirement needs.

Where To Reach Baby Boomers?

This generation prefers more traditional platforms like Facebook, Youtube, and Google. You may also be able to reach them through e-mail marketing.

How To Advertise?

When it comes to boomers, stay away from trends. Focus instead on providing highly informative, quality content that would show the perks of living in your apartment or community. Entice them with the multitude of amenities that they can enjoy on their free time after retirement.

Generation X

Gen Xers are in their 40s to late 50s. Although they didn’t grow up with technology, Gen Xers were still young during the rise of the Internet, which is why they are tech savvy. They are at the peak of their careers, have strong purchasing power, and have high brand loyalty.

Where To Reach Gen Xers?

Gen Xers are looking for authority. So, target them through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, and Google.

How To Advertise?

To attract Gen Xers, focus on building your authority, especially in your website, local directories and review sites, and Google. Make sure to post correct information about your business, informative content, and showcase positive reviews.


Millennials are in their late 20s to late 40s, and currently have high salaries but struggle with lower wealth. Since they are at the peak of their careers and just starting out their families, they prefer the urban lifestyle in prime locations.

Where To Reach Millennials

This generation enjoys most social media platforms—Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Google, and even Snapchat, TikTok, and Reddit.

How To Advertise?

This generation is highly tech savvy, so property managers need to keep up by producing high-quality content that resonate with them. Use their language and show that you care about the same things they do to gain their trust and, possibly, loyalty.

Generation Z

Gen Z are the latest entrants to the market and are still in their early 20s. Still starting out, this generation will make up majority of the renting market. They are highly tech savvy, trendy, and vocal about their views.

Where To Reach Gen Z?

Gen Z prefer newer social media platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. They are known to use social media to search for things rather than Google.

How To Advertise?

Property managers may have to work harder to keep up with the trends this generation likes. But focusing on the convenience and smart features of your apartments, such as enhanced security features and faster Internet connection, will make a lasting impression.

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