Curb appeal is everything when it comes to standing out from the competition in community management. When prospective residents see your community, you want them to immediately envision the life they can enjoy there. Manicured lawns, gardens, trimmed shrubs, and a welcoming overall environment are key to letting your community do the talking for itself. Proper landscaping can be your tool to help entice local residents to want to learn more about the type of lifestyle your neighborhood offers. 

While the winter months can be a bit bleak in terms of beautiful landscaping, as winter starts to turn to spring it becomes high time to prepare for the warmer months ahead. The late fall and early winter season lends itself to festive holiday decorating, but after the holidays are over you’re often left working with cold and temperamental environments typically not at their most attractive. While there may not be much you can do right now to beautify the landscape, it’s the perfect time to prepare a game plan for the big warm up likely happening in the coming weeks to months ahead. 

Trees and shrubs may lose their leaves in winter, leaving you with a blank canvas showing you just where straggling branches or weak areas may be. Giving any of these that may be around your community occasional trims before the start of the spring growing season ensures better (and safer) growth when the weather starts picking up. In addition to making landscaping look more inviting, it also gets rid of any potentially hazardous falling sticks or branches that would otherwise find their way on walkways, vehicles, or other structures. 

Giving landscaping tools and equipment a quick clean and tune up is also recommended this time of year. If your landscape maintenance team stays on-site and keeps tools on community property, there’s no better time to ensure they’re ready to go for the start of the spring season. 
The winter season is also the perfect time for planning. If you’re thinking about incorporating a community garden, new landscaping elements, or even a hardscaping installation, now would be the time to start brainstorming your game plan. 

We know the power of a great first impression, and how curb appeal and first impressions go hand in hand. To learn more about preparing your community for the spring season ahead, contact us at today.