Managing apartment complexes is hard work and something that takes considerable effort from anyone involved. For many, the primary focus when it comes to convincing a potential resident to rent or lease an apartment is on the overall attractiveness of said apartment.

But what about the exterior of the building? What about curb appeal? It's something that is often overlooked, but that could very well be a contributing factor when it comes to occupancy and vacancy issues. Even those trying to increase rates owe it to themselves to look more closely at curb appeal and what it could do for their apartment complex.

Curb appeal is simply a term that real estate professionals use to refer to the overall appearance of an apartment at the moment that a potential resident arrives and climbs out of their vehicle. It's the first impression, and having that 'wow' factor firmly in place can help apartment managers and owners in a big way. Consider some of the different ways it can impact your apartment to see what we mean.

  • Curb appeal can dramatically improve the chances that a potential resident agrees to lease one of your apartments.
  • It can help provide better potential visits by promoting a strong social media or online presence - photos of the exterior of a property that look amazing can increase the odds of someone coming to look at the interior of a property.
  • It helps current residents feel proud and content about where they live. This, in turn, helps them be more likely to renew leases and also helps them feel that spreading the word about an available apartment is worth doing.

In other words, curb appeal is something that any owner needs to consider. And best of all, it's not something that will cost a fortune to do. With a little bit of effort, it's possible to give your apartment complex a big facelift. Minor landscaping, painting, and even just cleanups can help improve curb appeal in a big way.

If you're looking for the best results from your apartment complex, you owe it to yourself to trust in the pros to help. We're here and ready to handle every aspect of your property management needs, so don't hesitate to contact us today.