A great hotel is one that takes care of their guests. New guests should be able to check-in, get settled, and know that they’re being well cared for during the duration of their stay whether they’re visiting for business or for leisure. The ability to rest in a “home away from home” atmosphere is part of this experience, and great rest starts with the best sheets. For boutique hoteliers looking to outfit their rooms with the kinds of sheets that make a difference in their guest experiences, some top picks include:

• Sateen – Sateen sheets are an excellent choice for hotels that really pride themselves on a refined and polished brand. These sheets maintain their perfected look even with frequent washings, and they offer a smooth a luxurious feel perfect for representing luxury-focused brands. While durable, they do have somewhat lower strength scores when compared to sheets of other materials.

• Italian cotton – Boutique hotels in coastal locations or those who simply love that “easy breezy” reputation may find that Italian cotton perfectly represents their brand. These sheets are crisp, affordable, and lightweight with a cooling softness excellent for restful sleep. Italian cotton is known to wrinkle, however, so they may be a better fit for hotels with a more relaxed atmosphere.

• High thread count cotton – High thread count cotton is a classic, and luxury hotels often have cotton sheets with thread counts of 400 or higher. 400 thread count 100% cotton is soft, durable, and breathable with a crisp look that fits right in the middle between sateen and Italian cotton. High thread count cotton sheets may shrink over time.

The sleep experience is something that guests really remember when they stay at a hotel. Boutique hotels have the benefit of being able to better customize this sleep experience when compared to corporate chains, giving them a leg up on the competition. According to the Sleep Foundation, travel can disrupt sleep in a number of ways – from stress, to jet lag, to trouble sleeping in unfamiliar spaces. With the right bed setup, boutique hoteliers can work to solve this issue and provide a more comforting experience for their guests.

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