Your community is a space that your residents call home. It’s something of a family, and your team is a part of that family. It takes trust to build this family-like community, and it takes time to build that trust. With a high turnover rate amongst your team, it’s much more difficult to develop this natural sense of trust that’s needed to maintain your authentic community feel.

For community management teams, this may mean digging into a little creative thinking when it comes to retaining your team and creating an environment they want to be a part of. A few tips for improving your team retention are:

  • Organic motivation – One of the most common reasons why team members may choose to leave is simply a lack of motivation. To build natural motivation, open communication lines should be a top priority. There should be feedback loops open that allow you to speak with them freely, and they know they’re welcome to speak with you freely as well. Open communication is a concrete way to show respect, appreciation, and inclusion within any community management team.
  • Praise in public, correct in quiet – When it comes to your team, praise and correction are natural parts of growing within a role. However, how they’re handled really matters when it comes to your team retention. Praise can (and should) be shown publicly. Your team wants to know how proud you are of them and that they’re appreciated as part of the community. Correction, however, should take the opposite approach. You never want to embarrass or put a team member on the defensive, so any necessary correction should be handled privately.
  • Have clear career paths – Another common reason why a team member may decide to leave your community is that they believe they’ve found “greener pastures”.They may feel as though there is no space to grow in their position, and in order to remain challenged and valued, they’ll need to move on elsewhere. Having clear career paths mapped out for your team gives them something to work for and a reason to stick around.

At we know that community management teams are a valued and important part of any community. To learn more about what you can do to retain your team and your authentic community feel, contact us today.