For safety, for curb appeal, and for keeping happy residents, every community should be maintained throughout the year. The same maintenance projects you take on in the spring and summer aren’t always the ones you’ll be tackling in fall or winter. During this early fall season, the maintenance projects your community management team may want to focus on are:

  • Check the gutters – Gutters are important for keeping the flow of precipitation away from dwellings, and maintaining the gutters is a crucial part of maintaining any residential structure. Gutters should be checked around twice per year, with many choosing to opt for one thorough check in spring and one check-in fall. The autumn season is important for gutter maintenance, especially if you have trees near dwellings that may be dropping leaves and clogging up gutter systems.
  • Clean up any outdoor furniture – If your community has a communal picnic area, benches around walkways, or any other sort of outdoor furniture, the fall season is the perfect time for a little freshening up. The spring and summer months are often humid, leading to mold, stains, and mildew, which can break down this furniture over time. A quick wash in the fall will keep your communal areas good as new.
  • Leaves and landscaping – Failing to tidy up bushes, trees, and leaves on the ground will not only hurt your community’s curb appeal, but it can also put you at risk. If a resident is on a walking path and slips due to a fallen branch, a slippery pile of leaves, or an overgrown bush, you could be held liable for any injuries they suffer. Tidying up your landscaping and cleaning up leaves regularly throughout the fall season keeps your community safe and looking its best.
  • Check and change smoke detectors – Smoke detectors in every dwelling or indoor communal space should be checked at least twice per year. Most often, this is a task undertaken in spring and in fall. Make sure all smoke detectors are working properly, have fresh batteries, and remain safe until it’s time to check again.

At we know that regular maintenance is crucial for all communities. Without it, your safety is at risk, your curb appeal suffers, and residents will be less likely to continue being a part of your community if they feel it is falling into disrepair. For more on seasonal maintenance for your community, contact us at