Boutique hotels and small hotels often have to come up with new and engaging ideas to set them apart from the competition and showcase everything they have to offer. They are also continuously improving, in part due to guest surveys.

Here is how you can improve your boutique hotel experience using guest surveys to make changes and develop new winning strategies.

What Matters Most to Guests?

When you use guest surveys, you can learn more about what matters the most to your guests. Guest engagement should be a primary goal. If a guest is fully engaged and emotionally attached to your brand, it can improve their overall guest satisfaction rate.

So, what matters most to guests?


Many guests are price sensitive, which can affect the satisfaction level of their stay. If you are a boutique hotel that offers more personalized service and premium amenities, a higher price tag is paid for luxury. A guest in a more luxury hotel is more engaged than one at a lower-priced hotel, and they spend more on average.


The amenities you offer are also important to guests and can attract repeat customers. In addition to price, location and quality also affect a brand and a guest's personal relationship with the brand. If they like the amenities and services offered, they are more prone to book again in the future and offer friends and family referrals based on their stay.

What to Include in a Guest Survey

When creating a guest survey for your boutique hotel, you want to make sure to cover a few points.

1. What was the reason for the guest's visit?

2. Did they travel alone or come in a group?

3. Why did they choose your boutique hotel?

4. How long did they stay?

5. Did the staff respond quickly?

6. Was the room comfortable and clean?

7. Did they use any of the offered amenities or services?

8. How did they book their stay?

The answers to these questions can help you create better marketing and advertising strategies and can fill you in on things that need to change to improve customer satisfaction rates.

When creating your guest survey, be sure to set clear objectives, ask about overall satisfaction, keep the survey short and simple, and limit the number of open-ended questions you include.

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